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10 Strategies to Lower a Factory’s Minimum Order Quantity

10 Ways of Lowering Your Minimum Order Quantity More and more businesses are taking advantage of China’s booming manufacturing industry to source their products.  But for small and medium sized enterprises especially, the Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) required by factories and suppliers can pose significant challenges.   MOQs are a standard practice in the industry…

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Why Do Factories Require Minimum Order Quantities?

What are Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)? Sourcing products from China is rarely as simple as browsing through a catalogue of ready-made items.  In reality, the vast majority of overseas product manufacturing takes place on a made-to-order basis.  Overseas product manufacturing is a complex process incorporating factories, suppliers and sub-suppliers of materials, all of whom are…

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How To Use A Product Specification Sheet To Improve Your Product’s Quality When Importing from China

— The following article was written by Sal Orozco, originally from Northern California, he is working in the Guided Imports Shenzhen office acting as our Quality Control Manager. Sal is responsible for overseeing and implementing new quality control procedures to ensure all Guided Imports productions seamlessly make their way into the hands of our clients…

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