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Importing from China: The Ultimate List of Do’s and Don’ts!

Sourcing Chinese Manufacturers: A HUGE List of Do’s and Don’ts This post is a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts when importing from China. Basic guidelines from experience living and working here. While we’ve written articles, ebooks, guides, and posts about many of these list items, the point of this post is to provide a…

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Complete List of Every Amazon Warehouse & Distribution Center

The Complete List of Every Amazon Warehouse and Distribution Center in the World We’ve put together a spreadsheet of amazon warehouse locations. This workbook lists the location, size, description and year opened of every Amazon warehouse and distribution center to date (as of April 2017).   Amazon Warehouse Locations The Excel Workbook has multiple sheets…

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what to sell on Amazon

How to Tell if Your Product will be Profitable: The Importance of Product Validation

 How do Successful Commerce Sellers Find the Best Products to Sell? All commerce sellers know the scenario: The seemingly endless quest for what to sell on Amazon. Or asking which products sell the best online.  This is the step that usually causes new sellers to overthink and drag out the process. In fact, some never get out of…

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