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Start Expecting Production and Lead Time Increases from Chinese Suppliers

Expect Lead Time Increases from Chinese Suppliers Starting in July & August When dealing with suppliers in China, production and lead times are always an important factor to consider in your supply chain and inventory management planning. Typically, buyers start seeing increased lead times with their suppliers starting in around mid-July or early August. For those…

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what to sell on Amazon

How to Tell if Your Product will be Profitable: The Importance of Product Validation

 How do Successful Commerce Sellers Find the Best Products to Sell? All commerce sellers know the scenario: The seemingly endless quest for what to sell on Amazon. Or asking which products sell the best online.  This is the step that usually causes new sellers to overthink and drag out the process. In fact, some never get out of…

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verifying Chinese suppliers

Verifying Potential Suppliers in China: Resources to Gather Information When Importing from China

What is a China AIC and How Can it Help you Verify Suppliers when Importing from China? When verifying Chinese suppliers, we will explain what a China AIC is and why they’re important for anyone who does business in China. Especially when you’re sourcing from China and looking for Chinese suppliers and factories to produce…

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