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Amazon Expands Asia Presence: Eyeing Singapore Next

Selling on Amazon is More Popular than Ever. But This Article Looks at Amazon’s other Interests on the International Level. Amazon is growing.  Big surprise.  Selling on Amazon has seemingly become the unofficial pastime of  the United States.  Even the UK is getting in on the fulfillment by Amazon rocket ride. But Singapore? After introducing their “Prime” service […]

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Ultimate Guide to the 4 Types of Quality Inspections in Asia and When to Use Them

Quality Inspection Services in China – The Ultimate Guide Owning and operating a sourcing company in China, I get to speak with a lot of people importing and manufacturing. It amazes me how often importers neglect to utilize quality inspection services during their production. While I always recommend that all DIY importers should have their products […]

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China Inspection Companies: What the heck is a “Man-Day”?

China Quality Inspection: The Mystery of  “Man-days” and how they influence the costs of quality control We all know that in China, quality inspection is critical.  Quality Control is an absolute when sourcing/importing from China, it is essential for buyers to know how to calculate their cost when using 3rd party QC companies to inspect their goods. These […]

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