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verifying Chinese suppliers

Verifying Potential Suppliers in China: Resources to Gather Information When Importing from China

What is a China AIC and How Can it Help you Verify Suppliers when Importing from China? When verifying Chinese suppliers, we will explain what a China AIC is and why they’re important for anyone who does business in China. Especially when you’re sourcing from China and looking for Chinese suppliers and factories to produce […]

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negotiating with chinese suppliers

Back to the Basics: Revisiting the Fundamentals of Negotiating with Chinese Manufacturers.

Tips for Negotiating with Chinese Suppliers when Sourcing and Importing Private Label Products. The fact that we still receive a substantial number of questions regarding order quantities as they relate to pricing tells me that some people will find this post helpful. For those e-commerce sellers that have been sourcing and importing private label products for […]

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Sourcing Strategy

Build a China Sourcing Strategy Checklist in 16 Steps

The Key to Having a Sourcing Strategy: Build a Checklist In order to truly allow for the safest possible solution when importing from China, having a solid sourcing strategy is indispensable. A unique, tailored sourcing checklist is a quick way of turning an amateur importer into an experienced one. Every importer has their own unique approach as to […]

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china wholesale suppliers

Overview of Chinese Wholesale Suppliers by Region

Buying from China Wholesale Suppliers: Know Each Region’s Specialty Browsing Alibaba and Global Sources is one way of finding China Wholesale Suppliers.  But buyers who put in the legwork of actually going to China, attending trade shows and personally interviewing  suppliers usually have an advantage. However, before you go jetting off to China, it’s a […]

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