Freight Forwarding




Your #1 choice for shipping products from China to Amazon Warehouses and other USA Destinations

Unlike most freight forwarders, we don't have to work with 3rd party agents because our team is actually IN China. Having our headquarters in China means we always have control of your cargo from origin to destination. And not having to deal with 3rd party agents means we don't have the additional fees that are so often associated with other freight & logistics companies.

Sea Freight

We ship all types of cargo and shipments via Sea for a more economical solution.

Air Freight

Air freight offers a quicker delivery than Sea with a modest increase in price.

Road Freight

Moving freight between destinations in China?  We have you covered.

Amazon FBA Freight

Get a leg up on your competition by having us ship your product direct to Amazon's warehouse.

Door to Door Service

We offer door-to-door service for quick, hassle free shipping.

Customs Clearance

Leave your logistics responsibilities to our customs clearance experts to ensure your products get into the USA without delays or problems.

We take care of every shipping & customs detail so you can focus on driving sales!

The freight & customs industries are complex.  Don't take chances.  Let Guided Imports do it for you.