Product Validation & Cost Analysis

Estimated Manufacturing Costs
Order Quantity Pricing Breaks
Manufacturing Requirements
Mould Fees
Certification Fees
Potential Compliance Requirements
Estimated Shipping Fees (Air, Sea & Mixed)
Estimated Import Duties
All Landed Costs


Our Reports Tell You Everything You Need to Know To Answer The Most Important Questions:

  • Does this product make sense to manufacture?
  • What is the estimated timeline for production?
  • Are there any red flags I should know about?
  • Does this product require any certifications?
  • What is the total landed cost of this product?

All information identified in Product Validation reports are estimates and subject to changes based on product specifications, supplier, and purchase date.


 We will Deliver a Comprehensive Report to Your Inbox Detailing Every Aspect of Your Product & the Associated Costs

You will vastly reduce your risk and easily be able to decide if your product will be viable & profitable.


How to Get Started

  • Order your “Product Validation” package.
  • Tell us about your products. And we mean really tell us – the more specifications & details you give us, the more accurate your report will be.
  • Within 7 days we will send you comprehensive & complete report

We do the hard part and save you:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Headaches
  • Confusion
  • Potential Legal Trouble


Save When You Order Multiple Product Validations



Frequently Asked Questions

What product details are needed before I submit my Product Validation request?

The more information you can provide us on the actual product, the more accurate your report will be. So, if you leave out details that may change the cost of the production, you may find that your report is not as accurate as you hoped.

In order to prevent this, we recommend having the following categories of product specifications ready, as we will be asking you for them on the order page.

  • The product itself – explaining the product so we understand it is key
  • Product materials
  • If it needs to be customized, include the details
  • Estimated order quantity
  • Country of import
  • Packaging details
  • Any additional requirements you deem necessary

If I would like to move forward with your A to Z service, after getting a product validated, is the existing validation taken into account?

Absolutely. We are more than happy to offer a coupon, deducting the cost of the validation from the service.

I have some ideas for various product specifications, can you validate all of them?

Our Product Validation service works on a per product basis. If you have multiple desired specifications, we recommend looking into our bulk order discounts.

How long does it take to receive the Product Validation report, once it has been submitted?

Once we have received your product specifications, we will generate and deliver your report in no more than 7 business days.

Will you include product packaging in the report?

If you would like for us to include product packaging costs, we recommend including the details of the packaging requirements in the report. Please note, for detailed packaging, we will need very clear specifications so we can offer an accurate quotation.

Are you able to offer Product Validation reports for products being imported into my country?

Our most popular countries are Western countries (USA, UK, EU, AUS). For all other countries, please note, we are more than capable of building a Product Validation report, however the import requirements will not be clearly represented.