Your Purchasing Office (YPO)


*Details of the YPO program are below. Please also click the "Request a Quote" button above and fill out as much information as you are able.

**Please ONLY sign up if you currently have products being manufactured in China and are ALREADY selling at or around $25k per month and have the desire to scale. Read the program details below for more information**

Welcome to Your Purchasing Office (YPO):

The Program Utilized by Million Dollar Sellers to Scale and Streamline Their E-Commerce Business!

Our YPO service has (until now) only been offered on a "one-off" basis to about a two dozen of our best customers.  Now, after 2 years of successful testing, tweaking, and optimizing, we are excited to roll it out to "power" sellers who are looking to scale, but are missing the 2 essential components needed to do so: a purchasing presence IN China and an experienced and proven partner who handles ALL your China-side business operations, allowing you the time to focus on your core business and increase sales.

The Only Way to Scale Your Business. Our Previously Private Service Now Open to Qualified Sellers.

Guided Imports has refined and perfected our product and manufacturing sourcing operations and are excited to roll out our new YPO (Your Purchasing Office) Service. Guided Imports YPO will be the new industry standard service for businesses that manufacture products in China on a recurring basis, but don't currently have a purchasing office IN China. ​

Through our offices in Shenzhen we are able to offer a full range of services to allow you to place a foot into China without having to dive fully in.

​Thanks to the experience of our Multilingual China-based, American-managed expert team members, we are able to help potential YPO clients minimize risk, substantially reduce their costs, ensure quality, save time and accelerate sustained growth. How? By offering this transparent and convenient monthly program where we act as an extension of your business by positioning ourselves as Your Purchasing Office in China.

If you are looking to enter the Chinese market but are worried about the risks involved due to: distance, lack of local knowledge & customs, lack of registered capital that is legally required to open a Chinese office of your own, then Guided Imports can help give you a presence in China through Your Purchasing Office (YPO) service.​

If you're a serious seller and want scale, then this is your ideal solution. After speaking/meeting with you, we will analyze your business and give you a custom quote​ for a monthly fee that will not only provide you with a presence in China but will also result in removing virtually all China-related business from your day-to-day enterprise operations, thus freeing up your schedule so you can focus on growing your business and increasing sales

Aside from the comprehensive list of services we carry out on your behalf in our A-Z plan, we can also offer additional custom services as needed:

    • A China presence with a legal office, delivery address, and contact number
    • Legal employees working full or part time on behalf of your company
    • Office and desk space in a fully equipped meeting facility should you need to visit China & meet with vendors.
    • Administration of your employees for all HR and local finance related matters (as needed)

IMPORTANT: A-to-Z  or YPO?  Which is right for you?

The Guided Imports YPO Program is designed for the business that is manufacturing, sourcing and/or importing products from China on a regular basis and is doing at least $25,000 per month in revenue. 

If you’re just starting out, or currently manufacture just a couple of products, please check out our flat-rate A-to-Z Service here. We offer the same transparent pricing, but on an as-needed basis.

If you’re unsure as to which service would be best for you, please schedule a call with Sam Boyd, CEO and Founder of Guided Imports and he will be happy to offer a free consult to help you choose the most cost-effective and appropriate service.

Preview  of  some  of  the  services  YPO  will  offer:

Complete Shipping, Customs & Logistics Management


Inventory Status Checks

Production Tracking & Reporting

Bundling & Prep (Kitting) & Product Photography

Backup Suppliers

Product Validation & Cost Analysis Report

Product Tweaking & Improvement

Supplier Relationship Management

A-to-Z Service

White Label Purchasing Office

Sample Consolidation & Evaluation

Complete Supplier Organization

And Now, a Visual Sneak Peek of What the Process Entails--MUCH more to be added!