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Guided Imports is here to help you streamline the manufacturing process by finding you the best possible supplier for all of your needs.

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We ensure nothing less than the highest quality service, and are proud to be the #1 recommended service by e-commerce industry experts and top sellers.

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Our services provide clients with a tailored, boots-on-the-ground approach to sourcing and manufacturing that focuses on maximizing success and minimizing stress.

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Our expert inspectors will personally visit suppliers, inspect products, and ensure that your customers only see the highest quality items.

“ I found Guided Imports to be extremely knowledgeable about factory sourcing in China and I was looking for an alternative to find someone that could be a partner instead of just a service provider. Guided Imports team is responsive and professional and I would highly recommend their service.”


About Guided Imports

Guided Imports is an American owned and operated one-stop-shop that handles ALL of your importing and sourcing needs in China. By having American boots on the ground in China, we act as your eyes and ears to ensure your products, operations, quality control and logistics meet and exceed your requirements. We make your life much easier by acting as an extension of your company in either a project management, consultant, or contracted business partner capacity.

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