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Guided Imports Accepted Quality Limit inspection service applies the ISO 2859 standard and tables while offering the most competitive pricing and quickest turn-around in the industry.





An AQL (Accepted Quality Limit) inspection service uses the internationally accepted ISO 2859 sampling and inspection tables to define how assessments should be performed. Learn more about how our China Quality Inspection and Control team follow these tables during a China AQL inspection and provide you with a comprehensive report.

Using AQL Tables for Your Inspection:

One of the only ways to ensure your product sampling is random is to rely on statistical sampling to define how many samples should be selected and where they should be picked from a production batch. Statistical sampling ensures our AQL inspectors in China don’t need to guess how many pieces need to be chosen and how many issues found are considered acceptable. As a leading China AQL inspection company, wer rely on statistically recognized tables that define the exact number of samples our inspector must check and how many defective products are acceptable.


Importance of a China AQL Inspection

The benefit of getting an AQL inspection in China is the standardization and accountability buyers can hold their suppliers to by quickly defining the AQL level a factory shall adhere to. The accepted quality limit explains to the supplier the number of considered allowable and not allowable issues. Guided Imports trained China AQL inspection agents follow these internationally accepted standards during the production and provide both the buyer and the supplier with a detailed report on the product quality findings. There is no other methodology for inspection standardization that is both internationally accepted and understood by buyers and Chinese suppliers.

Get a Quality Check Before Starting Production

During a pre-production inspection (PPI), Guided Imports will send an inspector to the supplier’s facility either just before the production begins or as the first round of products is produced. Buyers may define what they wish to have inspected, but in most cases, a PPI check any of the following four areas:

  • Raw material check
  • Inspection of Prototype
  • Inspection of “golden sample,” or the first sample made with the same materials as the production
  • Mass-production process

Get an AQL Quality Check During Production

During production inspection (DUPRO), Guided Imports will send an inspector while the products are in production. In most instances, this inspection occurs when 20% – 80% of the production is complete. Inspectors will rely on the AQL statistical sampling to check the following:

  • Product functionality
  • Product performance
  • Product durability
  • Overall appearance
  • Product size and weight

Get an AQL Quality Check Pre-Shipment

A pre-shipment inspection (PSI), Guided Imports, can send an inspector to the supplier’s production facility just before the products are fully packaged. In most instances, an inspector will check the products after 80% of the batch has been packaged. In this AQL inspection, the inspector can check for the following:

  • Quantity verification
  • Random sampling
  • Cosmetic and workmanship check
  • Product specification conformity
  • Electrical safety testing
  • Mechanical safety testing
  • Function testing for garments
  • Country-specific compliance conformity

Get an AQL Quality Check of Your Container

During a container loading supervision inspection (CLS), we can send inspectors to the loading warehouse to ensure the correct products and quantity are correctly loading into the container. A CLS acts as your final assurance to maintain confidence your order will arrive at the final destination. Inspectors can check the following during a CLS:

  • Product quantity check
  • Conformity to product specifications
  • Conformity to product quality
  • Conformity to packaging requirements
  • Container condition check
  • Proper container loading process

Your Go-to China AQL Inspection Company

Our AQL inspection services in China have been built to ensure buyers can maintain confidence in their decisions by providing them with a detailed picture of their product’s quality. We understand the difficulty businesses have in placing their own eyes on a production taking place in China. And we’ve set out to alleviate that difficulty by acting as the go-to China AQL service for businesses manufacturing in China. We become your eyes and ears and share our findings with you, so you can continue to make informed decisions with your suppliers.


Your Last Line of Defence Against Poor Quality

After your products leave your supplier, you lose the most leverage to enforce the factory to correct any product errors found. The necessary resources must be allotted towards ensuring satisfactory quality levels before shipping begins.

Guided Imports inspectors act as your eyes and ears, reviewing all of your product’s necessary details before they leave your supplier and informing you of any identified issues. Quality awareness provides you with the unique opportunity to enforce product requirements and protect your investment by holding your suppliers to their expected standard.

Over 500 businesses of all sizes trust us.

Why Use Guided Imports for Your AQL Inspection in China?

Our service is easy to use and stress-free. Whenever you need a quality control inspector on-site at your factory, Guided Imports can be there. We understand what it feels like to have an ongoing production without anyone checking in. We make it our business to be there when you can’t and give you a professional, clear picture of your supplier and the products they are producing.

We are a western owned and managed company operating in China. We empower our local inspectors by training them on strict quality management systems and careful inspection practices. Our dedication to training and quality education allows us to operate at a western business-standard while relying on local inspectors to fulfill our customer’s requests.

We believe quality is not just a service but a way of life. We understand the cultural and personal differences Chinese suppliers have when it comes to product quality. We see it as our mission to identify and correct quality issues to benefit both the buyer and the supplier. Our dedicated team of quality managers, inspectors, and engineers work tirelessly to help brands produce products that will be used, that will last, and that consumers will love.


Why Wait?

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Guided Imports Specializes In:

China Pre-Production Inspection

Inspections before your production begins.

China In-Processs (DUPRO) Inspection

Inspections after 20-80% of the production are complete.

China Pre-Shipment Inspection

Quality control before your products leaves your supplier.

China Final Inspection

The last inspection before your production is packed and sealed.

China Container Loading Check

Inspecting the first pieces to come off the production line.

China First Article Inspection

A random sampling inspection of the first production run.

China Amazon FBA Inspection

Inspections tailored to Amazon FBA sellers.

China 100% Inspection

A 100% quality control inspection of your production.

China CE Compliance

Ensuring your products comply with European regulations.

China Social Compliance Audit

Auditing your supplier's social and ethical performance standards.