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A CE mark is a mandatory marking for certain products to indicate their conformity to European health, safety, and environmental standards. Importers selling products inside the European Economica Area (EEA) are required to certify that their products were correctly evaluated under all relevant directives and comply with the New Approach Directives. Learn more about how our China Quality Inspection and Control services can introduce compliance to your products.

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Technical Documentation List


Compliance Assembly

Why is CE Compliance Important in China?

Brand owners, retailers, importers, trading companies, and OEM manufacturers are required by law to ensure their products comply with any European Union directives that are associated with the products they wish to import and distribute inside of the EEA.

Businesses that neglect to ensure the correct product compliance risk their products being seized by customs, subject to fines, or worse, could lead to user injury and liability.


Neglecting Conformity is a Dangerous Gamble

It is impossible for European customs to inspect every import that enters their boarders. Because of this, many businesses are known to disregard the laws and directives, and never get caught. This leads to businesses assuming that because their products hold a CE mark and have never been stopped, that they must be compliant. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth, and when businesses continue to import their products into Europe, they are gambling with authorities, and hoping they will never realize their CE markings are invalid.

Businesses operating in this method are strongly advised to correct their product compliance before it is too late.

The Liability Can Ruin a Business

Businesses that neglect to ensure their product compliance is correct can face significant liability in the event something bad happens. Anyone can print a CE marking on a product or packaging, and therefore, it is easy to assume products are compliant, even when they are not.

If your product injures an individual, a consumer, or authorities request to review your technical documentation, and it is not correct, the liability could lead to the destruction of your brand.


How Guided Imports Can Help

Technical Documentation List

The best way to demonstrate your products meet the necessary compliance requirements is through a technical documentation list. This list defines the specifications, technical drawings, compliance requirements, and test the reports your product needs.

A technical documentation list is oftentimes an expectation that both authorities and potential customers demand you have before bringing your product to market. It also acts as the roadmap you can use to build safety and standardization within your product line.

We can help you define which certificates, declarations of conformity, and test reports each of your products need in order to certify your products conform with the CE standards.

Compliance Assembly

Already have your technical documentation list? We will begin to communicate directly with your suppliers and introduce the importance of product compliance. We will work with them to explain the necessary product requirements and what needs to be done, and why.

We will guide each supplier to send us all documents they already have on the technical documentation list.

Once we have their documents, we will review them for completeness and authenticity.

After the documents are authenticated, we will match them with the compliance requirements and identify the areas the suppliers are missing.

Compliance Organization

Do you know what compliance requirements your supplier is missing? We will work with testing laboratories to identify the necessary procedures and costs involved to test and certify the missing components we identified.

We will then present these laboratory fees to you.

Should you wish to undergo the necessary tests, we will work with your suppliers to organize your product samples to deliver them to the laboratories to undergo testing.

Once testing is complete, we will finalize your technical documentation list with all of the obtained test reports and certificates.

We Fight to Get it Right the First Time

Ensuring product compliance is a tedious process, which requires a significant level of understanding, and ability to interpret individual directives and if they relate to the products you are distributing. Directive change, which becomes difficult for importers to maintain the up to date standards a product requires. Oftentimes, suppliers and importers are relying on outdated regulations, which leads to products becoming no longer compliant.

At Guided Imports, we do not accept the first sign of proper compliance, instead we conduct an in-depth review of each requirement, test report, certificate, and declaration of conformity to ensure our clients products are fully compliant.

We Know How Suppliers Think

Suppliers oftentimes have great relationships with testing laboratories and raw material suppliers, and when a factory in China is producing products for their customers, the factory wants to produce their products for the lowest price possible. When a supplier becomes so dedicated to decreasing the production cost, product compliance can quickly become an area where their neglect could lead to lower production costs.

We understand how Chinese suppliers think, and we know how they attempt to cover their attempt to increase profit margins while disregarding vital compliance necessities. When we work with businesses looking to ensure the products they are purchasing from factories are compliant, we rely on our decades of experience and deep understanding of local manufacturing practices to realign suppliers and regain compliance standards.

Improve Your Supplier Relationships

Good suppliers want to be told how to do things the right way. When a buyer reveals to the supplier that they are unsure of the correct compliance standards, a supplier can quickly realize when a buyer is not serious. This can cause suppliers to lose confidence in their buyers, and also lead to decreasing product quality because their customer neglects to define a necessary standard.

At Guided Imports, we help you define your standards to your suppliers. We work side-by-side with your factories and educate them on the accurate methods of producing your products compliantly. Through this work, we help you improve your relationship with your supplier by not only showing them you value product compliance, but by giving them to knowledge to further improve their production practices.

Over 500 businesses of all sizes trust us.

Why Use Guided Imports as Your China CE Product Compliance Company?


We understand the difficulty businesses have when it comes to product compliance. There is no clear solution when a brand needs help with all areas of ensuring product compliance. At Guided Imports we strive to act as our customers outsourced quality team, working with you and your suppliers, and helping to define the exact requirements your products need in order to be sold within Europe. When you need a hands-on approach to European community compliance, Guided Imports is here to help. 

Our quality department has a deep-rooted history working within testing laboratories and ensuring product compliance regulation. Our team holds diverse backgrounds in quality, ranging from the military to civilian, and testing laboratories to managing factory quality departments. We understand product compliance and testing inside and out, and understand what it means to ensure a fully compliant product.

We maintain close working relationships with multiple notified body testing laboratories, both in China and Europe. Because of our relationships and ability to hold open, ethical dialogues, we know how to challenge laboratories and hold them accountable for their comments and results. Because of our experience in product testing, we understand that laboratories are not always correct in their suggestions and comments. When we work with our clients and assist with their product testing, they can maintain confidence that their products will undergo only the necessary tests, and their product results will be scrutinized, challenged, and consistently reviewed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Identify the EU Requirements for your product
  2. Identify which test reports, certificates tests (and inspections) your product/supplier need
  3. Generate a technical documentation list & file
  4. Assess conformity & update your technical documentation file
  5. Draft and an EU Declaration of Conformity
  6. Publish your declaration of conformity and affix your CE mark.

A CE certified product is a product that fulfills the requirements of the European directives associated with said product. When a product is correctly labeled with a CE mark, this product indicates that it has fulfilled the harmonized performance and safety standards of the European Union.

A large majority of products require a CE certification for them to be imported and sold in the European Union. CE directives have been put in place to create a standardization of product safety, health, and environmental protection that all counties within the EU must follow.

Without CE compliance, products could not be imported or sold in the European market. CE compliance places a standardization on product safety, health, and environmental protection that all EU countries agree to follow.

Any business that wishes to sell products in the EU market must ensure their products conform to the necessary CE directives.

CE is not required to import products into the United States. CE is product safety, health, and environmental protection standard, which is specific to the European Union.

The following countries currently follow CE directives:

  1. Austria
  2. Hungary
  3. Poland
  4. Belgium
  5. Iceland
  6. Portugal
  7. Bulgaria
  8. Ireland
  9. Romania
  10. Croatia
  11. Italy
  12. Slovakia
  13. Cyprus
  14. Latvia
  15. Slovenia
  16. Czech Republic
  17. Liechtenstein
  18. Spain
  19. Denmark
  20. Lithuania
  21. Sweden
  22. Estonia
  23. Luxembourg
  24. Switzerland
  25. Finland
  26. Malta
  27. Turkey
  28. France
  29. Netherlands
  30. United Kingdom (expires Dec 2020)
  31. Germany
  32. Norway 
  33. Greece

Guided Imports Specializes In:

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Inspections before your production begins.

China In-Processs (DUPRO) Inspection

Inspections after 20-80% of the production are complete.

China Pre-Shipment Inspection

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China Final Inspection

The last inspection before your production is packed and sealed.

China Container Loading Check

Supervising the loading process of your completed production.

China First Article Inspection

Inspecting the first pieces to come off the production line.

China AQL Inspection

Utilizing the Accepted Quality Limit tables during a quality inspection.

China Amazon FBA Inspection

Inspections tailored to Amazon FBA sellers.

China 100% Inspection

A 100% quality control inspection of your production.

China Social Compliance Audit

Auditing your supplier's social and ethical performance standards.