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Maintain confidence your products are packed and loaded safely into your container before they leave the factory.





During a China Quality Inspection and Control container loading check, an inspector will ensure the correct quantity of cartons are safely loaded into your container, and the loading plan is correctly followed.

China Container Loading Check Process


Product Quantity Check:

Your inspector will select a random sampling of cartons to calculate the quantity to ensure the accurate number of products were packed into each export carton. This quantity check ensures you will receive the precise number of products you paid your supplier to produce and ship.


Conformity to Product Quality:

The inspector will test products to ensure they can pass the necessary quality requirements. This check provides a final opportunity to identify any bad quality products and indicate any critical mistakes that could lead to user injury or company liability.


Container Condition Check:

A damaged container could present untold risks on the cargo transported from China to its destination. While logistics companies will often promise a sea-worthy container, it is always beneficial to perform a thorough third-party check before your cargo is loaded. Our inspectors will perform a visual inspection to ensure no damage or issues leading to product loss.


Reliance on Accepted Statistical Sampling:

When applicable, our inspectors use the internationally accepted ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) statistical sampling guidelines to ensure an accurate sampling process. Through these standards, we can confidently provide you with detailed inspection reports that define the overall performance if your inspection process.


Conformity to Product Specifications:

The inspector will unpack random products to perform an in-depth check to determine if they meet the necessary product specifications. In the event the supplier fails to comply with the requested product specifications, the inspector will have the opportunity to identify this failure and inform you immediately.


Conformity to Packaging Requirements:

Proper product packaging is critical for an organized supply chain, safety compliance, and brand integrity. An inspector will review the product packaging and markings to ensure they meet the agreed specifications at the start of the order. In the event the suppliers fail to include warning labels or incorrect packaging is revealed, this check can allow for the opportunity to correct those mistakes before leaving the factory.


Proper Container Loading Process:

When a container is incorrectly loaded, your products could get irreparably damaged during the logistics process. Or worse, your cartons could fall and injure the workers unloading your cargo at its final destination. Your cartons must be loaded appropriately to minimize your risk of product damage during transport. Our inspector will supervise the entire loading process to ensure your cargo is safely packed into the container.

The Importance of a Cargo Inspection in China

The most significant benefit of a China cargo iinspection is the confidence you, the buyer, can have, knowing your products were loaded correctly, packed and shipped. It will ensure conformity to product specifications, your cargo was loaded into the container, and the container loading plan was adequately followed. There is no better way to guarantee the total order quantity is received once your container lands at its final destination than to have a Guided Imports inspector supervise the load and seal the container as it leaves the factory.


Avoid Costly Delay

Even after your cargo leaves your factory, there is still a chance your products could face delays due to lacking compliance and labeling requirements. A container loading supervision process checks your product labeling is according to specification. Non-compliant packaging could result in export or import delays, fines, or even seizure of cargo. Placing a final set of eyes on your shipment before your container’s doors are closed could be enough to save you from significant headaches and costs.

Strategically Located Throughout China

Our quality control inspectors are located all over China, capable of reaching any Chinese factory in under one day. This allows us to offer our CLS services to any supplier in China, regardless of their location.


We Offer Last-Minute Container Loading Inspections in China

We understand the urgency of last-minute inspections. Shipment dates can change, and supplier delays can inevitably affect the production timeline. Because of this, we promise to do our best to accommodate CLS requests, regardless of how soon they are needed. We pledge to you that we can send an inspector to any location in China with 48-hours notice, and in certain circumstances, sooner if required.

Your Last Quality Control Opportunity Before Your Cargo Leaves China

A CLC or Container Loading Check is the last opportunity you have to perform a check on your products and the container they will be shipped in. Once your products leave China, correcting any mistakes becomes increasingly more difficult. Protect your investment and ensure your cargo will arrive safely at its final destination with a container inspection.

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Why Use Guided Imports for Your Container Inspection in China?


We are dedicated to providing a simple inspection booking process that allows any importer, regardless of their technical background, to feel confident their inspection requirements will be met. When you place an order with Guided Imports, you will be directed to an inspection intake form that guides you through each aspect of the inspection process and lets you define as much or as little as you want.

We are a western owned and operated company based in China. We’ve dedicated many resources towards educating and training our local inspectors to understand what our customers expect in an inspection and how to communicate their findings effectively. As a business, we make it our goal to provide the western level of service our customers expect.

Guided Imports is a manufacturing service provider primarily focused on quality control and logistics. The container loading process is the intersection between our two services, and a milestone we take very seriously. Our team members are at the factory in both of our services, playing a role in the loading process. We know what issues to look out for, how to mitigate problems, and what to do when we believe a shipment is in trouble.

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Guided Imports Specializes In:

China Pre-Production Inspection

Inspections before your production begins.

China In-Processs (DUPRO) Inspection

Inspections after 20-80% of the production are complete.

China Pre-Shipment Inspection

Quality control before your products leaves your supplier.

China Final Inspection

The last inspection before your production is packed and sealed.

China First Article Inspection

Inspecting the first pieces to come off the production line.

China AQL Inspection

Utilizing the Accepted Quality Limit tables during a quality inspection.

China Amazon FBA Inspection

Inspections tailored to Amazon FBA sellers.

China 100% Inspection

A 100% quality control inspection of your production.

China CE Compliance

Ensuring your products comply with European regulations.

China Social Compliance Audit

Auditing your supplier's social and ethical performance standards.