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Guided Imports’ China Quality Inspection and Control service offer the most competitive during production quality inspection services in China. Our trained quality control inspectors visit your supplier and conduct an in-depth inspection of your current production to provide you with a clear picture of your manufacturing process.

Guided Imports China In-Process (or DUPRO) Inspection Overview

A China in-process inspection, also known as a during production inspection, or DUPRO, is an inspection that takes place at the time your products are in production, and after 20% – 80% of the order has been completed and packed. This inspection aims to identify areas of concern and provide for an immediate opportunity to rectify mistakes. A Chinese DUPRO inspection company acts as your unbiased quality control agent, giving you actionable feedback on your supplier’s overall quality and performance when they are fulfilling your order.

What We Inspect

A China in-process inspection is a comprehensive check, which reviews the following aspects of production:

  • Product functionality
  • Product performance
  • Product durability
  • Overall appearance
  • Product size and weight

Benefits of Inspections During a Production Run

There are three potential milestones in most production processes where it is advisable to send a third-party inspection company to visit your supplier and inspect your production. Those times are, right as the production is about to begin, while the production is ongoing, just as the production comes to an end.

A China during production inspection is the only inspection that provides you with a detailed understanding of the production process, as the products are being manufactured. While inspecting pre-production can tell you if your supplier is ready to begin, and checking goods pre-shipment can tell you if the products you ordered are the same as what was made, a China in-process or during production inspection identifies if the supplier is following the production plan and making the products according to your expectations.

How China In-Process Inspections Help You

A China in-process inspection provides you with a clear understanding of the production process based on the time of inspection. But what can a business gain by finding out about the tiny details of a production while it is taking place?

  • Identifying issues that can be quickly rectified.
  • Making small quality adjustments that improve the overall product quality.
  • Avoid financial loss from issues that otherwise would not have been caught.
  • Ensuring the production schedule maintains course.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction by systematically identifying quality improvements.

Ensuring An On-time Production

As the inspection is underway, the supplier must maintain its scheduled timeline to fulfill the order without delay. These inspection checks seek to filter out any area of concern, leading to quality mistakes or timeline alternations. The sooner the issues can be identified, the faster the supplier can work on a corrective action plan.

Guided Imports Inspection Standards

Anytime Guided Imports inspectors visit a supplier to perform a quality inspection, we rely on internationally accepted standards, which guide us on the exact process to conduct a thorough inspection check. Most of our assessments follow the statistical sampling procedure published under ISO 2859-1, and ANSI/ASQC Z1.4.

These standards define the selection order of collecting samples and guide us on determining whether a supplier’s production meets the client’s specifications. By relying on these standards, our customers can maintain confidence by making an informed decision on the overall production quality.

Same Day Report Delivery

We understand when our customers need an inspection, they need information quickly and without delay. Anytime we send an inspector to perform a during production inspection in China, we guarantee our reports will be sent to you the same day as the inspection. Timing is everything, and the faster you receive an actionable inspection report, the swifter you will make confident, informed decisions.

Anywhere in China, Within 48-hours, Guaranteed

The need for an inspection can arise anytime, which is why we don’t stick to strict scheduling rules or prevent you from booking last minute. Instead, we guarantee that we can have an inspector inside your factory with only 48-hour’s notice, and we will do everything we can to get an inspector there sooner if needed. Rest assured, when you have an urgent, last-minute inspection, we will be on the ground and ready.

Over 500 businesses of all sizes trust us.

Why Use Guided Imports for Your During Production Inspection in China?


Our team consists of qualified engineers and technicians with decades of field and laboratory experience. We come from civilian and military backgrounds and have experience working with some of the world’s top testing laboratories. Our quality department knows Chinese manufacturing inside and out and has the technical experience to identify when suppliers cut corners and make products cheaper to deliver.

We understand working with Chinese suppliers can be challenging and risky at times. At Guided Imports, we take every precautionary step to protect our client’s confidential IP and supply chain information. We vow to all of our customers when we see something; it is our obligation to inform our customers.

Quality standards are ever-changing, and what was previously considered an acceptable standard could be improved as standards are always updated. As a quality-focused company, we don’t merely swallow the most up to date policies and standards; we study them. We push ourselves to understand quality on a deeper level, while maintaining the most up to date standards, anytime they improve.

Why Wait?

Book a DUPRO (During Production Inspection) in China so you can place confidence back into your production.

Guided Imports Specializes In:

China Pre-Production Inspection

Inspections before your production begins.

China Pre-Shipment Inspection

Quality control before your products leaves your supplier.

China Final Inspection

The last inspection before your production is packed and sealed.

China Container Loading Check

Supervising the loading process of your completed production.

China First Article Inspection

Inspecting the first pieces to come off the production line.

China AQL Inspection

Utilizing the Accepted Quality Limit tables during a quality inspection.

China Amazon FBA Inspection

Inspections tailored to Amazon FBA sellers.

China 100% Inspection

A 100% quality control inspection of your production.

China CE Compliance

Ensuring your products comply with European regulations.

China Social Compliance Audit

Auditing your supplier's social and ethical performance standards.