China Quality Control

Minimize your risk importing products with Guided Import’s affordable selection of China qc services.

We provide a custom-tailored approach suited to your unique product specifications.

Our 3rd party inspectors use strict AQL standards to provide clarity on your supplier’s performance.

All-inclusive QC inspections in China, just $199 per man-day.

Guided Imports is the leading Quality Inspection company in China. Our China quality control inspectors can be dispatched to any location to inspect your products in as little as 24 hours. 

Quality Control Testing in China:

Pre-Production Inspection

Inspections before your production begins.

In-Processs (DUPRO) Inspection

Inspections after 20-80% of the production are complete.

Pre-Shipment Inspecion

Quality control before your products leaves your supplier.

Final Inspection

The last inspection before your production is packed and sealed.

Container Loading Check

Supervising the loading process of your completed production.

First Article Inspection

A random sampling inspection of the first production run.

AQL Inspection

Utilizing the Accepted Quality Limit tables during a quality inspection.

Amazon FBA Inspection

Inspections tailored to Amazon FBA sellers.

100% Inspection

A 100% quality control inspection of your production.

CE Compliance

Ensuring your products comply with European regulations.

Social Compliance Audit

Auditing your supplier's social and ethical performance standards.

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3rd Party Quality Control Services FAQ’s

As of September 2020, quality control inspections are proceeding as normal in China. There are some exceptions, and minor, controlled outbreaks are still happening in China. When these outbreaks occur, neighborhoods, districts, or cities may close or go under quarantine. 

While this is currently very rare, it is happening. When an inspection occurs in an affected area, delays or cancellations may result. 

The best thing buyers can do is to schedule inspections as early as possible. When an inspection is booked early, it means we can coordinate with an inspector who is local to your factory’s location. In some instances, when inspections are booked last minute, we may need to ask an inspector from a neighboring city to conduct the inspection. In the event of a temporary quarantine, this could lead to nobody being available to inspect your products.  

The best thing you can do to be prepared for the worst is to book your inspections early.

We are a western managed company that focuses on educating our local Chinese inspectors on the quality standards our customers deserve. We rely on internationally recognized standards and deliver a service to our customers that allow them to understand the full picture of their production quality in an easy to understand, thorough inspection report. 

We believe inspections should be easy for businesses to book, and our reports should be understandable for any type of buyer, regardless of their technical background. Because of this, our team works with our customers after delivering a report, explains what the report means, and does not close the inspection until the customer understands the findings our inspectors have published. 

Our inspection service is built to act as your unbiased, trained eyes, and ears inside of your factory during every milestone of your production. Not only does our inspection service give you confidence in being able to finalize your production, but it also provides impactful information that you and your suppliers can use to improve the quality of your products.

Your payment will be processed immediately and you will be redirected to a form where we ask for additional details about your supplier and product requirements necessary to complete the service.

Guided Imports needs approximately two days of lead time to contact your supplier, schedule and travel to your factory. If your factory delays the inspection for any reason, our team will update you immediately.

One man-day, which is an 8-hour workday.

QC inspectors will use an AQL table based on your product order quantity to ensure results are statistically valid. You can learn more about how we use AQL tables to calculate total units inspected based on your order quantity here.

Your detailed report is usually delivered by the following day, however, in some cases, it can take up to 48 hours after the completion of the inspection.

Our China quality inspection and control reports give you the detail and clarity you need. You can view a sample report here.

Guided Imports’ goal in providing QC services is to help you, the buyer, understand why a failure occurred. Our detailed report will identify what leads to the failure (eg. communication error, factory oversight), and it is the buyer’s responsibility to determine corrective measures.

No. Guided Import’s strict role is to provide an impartial report on whether or not your goods passed the selected quality control inspection. You are responsible for finding an appropriate resolution with your supplier factory.