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Guided Imports is the leading China sourcing company for Fortune 500 and high-growth e-commerce brands manufacturing in China.

We provide a custom-tailored approach suited to your unique product specifications.

Leverage our cutting edge technology and get boots on the ground in China led by a Western Management team.


China Sourcing with No Upfront Cost - Pay on Performance

Tell us about the product you would like manufactured. We will source the product, and reply with a detailed quotation.

Guided Imports is the leading China sourcing and manufacturing company for high-growth companies based in the US, Europe, Australia and beyond.

Why You Need a Sourcing Partner in China

Sourcing from China is unlike any other type of procurement based sourcing. Businesses with existing purchasing departments frequently lack the resources required to source, negotiate, contract, and monitor Chinese suppliers. When companies buying in China rely on their purchasing department, they consistently face ruined productions and low-quality products.

Sourcing from China requires a unique understanding of the cultural and local landscape while consistently remaining present during productions to ensure expected results. The Guided Imports sourcing team acts as an extension to your procurement department. We position ourselves between you and Chinese suppliers to mitigate risk and ensure your production’s successful outcome.

Seamless and Cost-Effective Manufacturing

Our sourcing services are all-inclusive. Traditionally, businesses wanting to purchase directly from China would need to contract third-party resources to assist in the legal, product compliance, quality assurance, and control, as well as logistics.

When we source products for our clients, we include everything into the cost of each product. We give businesses a clear, upfront understanding of their exact costs to produce a product in China. With Guided Imports sourcing, there are no surprises.

You can focus on your customers, we produce your products.

It is time-consuming for businesses to purchase directly from Chinese suppliers; without building detailed production processes and monitoring suppliers on-site, the risk for potential issues throughout a production increases.

At Guided Imports, we’ve made it our mission to help businesses wanting to manufacture from China by dedicating our resources and ability to plan, oversee, and finalize productions.


Over 500 businesses of all sizes trust us.

Performance Based Sourcing Includes:

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China Sourcing and Manufacturing Services FAQ’s

Chinese factories suffered a lot during the initial stages of the global pandemic. They had delayed openings after the 2020 Chinese New Year, the workforce was restricted, and many employees were required to quarantine before returning to work.

As of September 2020, manufacturing is, for the most part, back to normal. The domestic supply chain for non-medical supply products is back to full capacity, and factories are no longer restricted to a minimal workforce.

While each factory is required to follow both their local and national guidelines, the majority of the factories today are working normally.

There are limitations in supply for materials used in the medical and personal protective equipment industry, as well as some limitations on imported materials.

Importers are being informed that delays could happen due to future outbreaks, or continued shortages in supplies. Because of this, we recommend that importers do their best to plan in advance and begin their productions earlier, rather than later.

Guided Imports was born out of the vision of wanting to help western businesses navigate the troublesome process of getting their products manufactured from Chinese factories. Over our years in business, we’ve become a leader in exactly that. 

There are no experts in Chinese manufacturing, only those with an experience that relies on past mistakes to further improve their processes. At Guided Imports, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes get products made and shipped from China, and acted as a bridge, connecting the gap between Chinese factories and western businesses.

Our sourcing and manufacturing processes focus on product quality, safety, and compliance, and helps businesses ensure their products can safely be imported into their countries, and used by their customers.

Guided Imports works with customers to cater to a service that is right for their business. In most cases, we work with customers looking for complete assistance in the sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics processes. We offer a simple model that allows the customer to rely on us to find the right product and supplier, and then product and ship the exact product they are looking for directly to their warehouse. 

This trading style model allows us to have complete control over the supplier and production, and ensure compliance and safety to our customers.

During any sourcing project, our goal is to provide our clients with what we believe to be the best options available. During some sourcing requests, this could be a single product from a single supplier we have total confidence in. In other circumstances, this may mean a multitude of product and supplier options.


We suggest our clients be specific when requesting product quotations whenever possible.

Not all factories are ideal for all projects. For clients requiring CSR audited factories, we will be sure to only present offers from suppliers that have up to date audit reports. When CSR audits are not required, we will still only work with suppliers that we know, trust, and can stand behind.

Performance based sourcing means Guided Imports factors in all possible costs based on the product and specifications quoted. All quotations include manufacturing costs, quality control, as well as logistics. Each quotation will define the individual projects payment terms.

Guided Imports specializes in a multitude of consumer product categories, if a product request is not a consumer product, we may not have the expertise or resources available to help.


Manufacturing relies on quantities of scale, because of this, we may not be able to accommodate certain product requests. After we receive your quotation request, we will review it carefully, and notify you as to whether or not we can help.