China to Amazon FBA Services

Ensure your products arrive safely to Amazon with a Best Rate Guarantee

There is no room for error when shipping goods to Amazon FBA. Whether you are sending a new product or replenishing your inventory, speed and accuracy are paramount. Our China to Amazon FBA service was created to remove all the headache and legwork and offers a best rate guarantee.

Keep reading to learn how our seamless solution will simplify running shipping and logistics so you can keep you focused on selling your products.

Seamless China to Amazon FBA Services


We Collect Your Products

We will communicate directly with your suppliers and arrange for your cargo to be collected at the factory the moment it is ready. 


Consolidate Your Shipments

When shipping products from China to Amazon FBA from multiple suppliers, we can collect them all and store them in our warehouse until they are ready to be shipped. If your products need repackaging or kitting, we can do that too.


Product and Cargo Inspection

From ensuring your cartons are FBA compliant, to conducting a full inspection, we can identify any possible issues and present you with an inspection report, along with suggestions for corrective actions.


Product Prep & Labeling

Regardless of whether or not your products need FNSKU labels, poly bagging, warning labels, or welcome cards, we can manage the full product preparation before they leave China.


Ship Directly to Amazon FBA

Once your products are ready, we will ship your cargo from China to Amazon FBA. We will also handle the full export and import process. 

We will beat any price, GUARANTEED!  

We are so confident in our shipping rates from China, that if you show us the same quoted route that is cheaper, we’ll beat it! No questions asked. 

Fast & Reliable Air Cargo Options

Urgent: When your Amazon inventory is moments away from running out, we offer an air shipping service that brings your products to Amazon’s warehouses in as little as 2-days. 

Standard: When speed is critical, our premium China to Amazon FBA shipping services will swiftly transport your cargo, arriving to your designated Amazon Warehouse in 3 to 5 days. 

Economical: If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to ship your products by air, our economical option will have your products inside Amazon’s warehouse between 7 and 14 days. 

Seamless & Cost-Effective Sea Cargo Options

LCL Shipping: For small, non-urgent shipments, your products will share a container with other, similar products destined for a nearby location. This process takes around 30-days, and our end-to-end service will deliver your products directly to Amazon’s warehouse.

FCL Shipping: When shipping large quantities from China to Amazon FBA, our FCL shipping service will ensure your products leave China fully prepared to be sent directly into Amazon. We offer this an end-to-end service, ensuring your products arrive safely at Amazon’s warehouse.


Let us manage your e-Commerce logistics so that you can manage your sales.

Arranging shipments and reorders from your Chinese factories can be stressful and time-consuming. We strive to understand your business and learn where to make your company’s logistics seamless and worry-free. 

We can assist in managing your inventory, follow up with your suppliers, submit shipments directly into Amazon on your behalf, and consult with you on how we can make better ensure a seamless supply chain for your products.  Click “Get a Quote” now to submit your China to Amazon FBA requirements.

Consolidate Your FBA Shipments

Amazon sellers maintain a competitive edge when their products are creative and non-generic. Non-generic products usually require components from multiple suppliers. 

Businesses struggle with this because they often fear their suppliers will copy their product ideas, or the cost to consolidate and repackage products together after leaving China too expensive. 

We work with sellers and offer consolation services geared toward combining products from multiple suppliers into single shipments. 


Shipment Consolidation

When shipping multiple products to Amazon around the same time, most often, the most cost-effective solution is to load a full container with all of your products. We can help by consolidating, storing, and packing your products into a single container and shipping it to Amazon.


Product Kitting

When you want to combine components from a variety of factories, we can consolidate and kit all your parts together into a single product, making it a lot more difficult for competitors to copy your product.


Shipment Routing

For international Amazon sellers who sell their products on FBA in multiple countries, we collect your products in our warehouse and separate the shipment for the countries you're shipping to.

Product & Cargo Inspection

Guided Imports has a dedicated China quality control and inspection department that can assist you with all of your product inspection needs. Whether you need product inspections in your factory or would like white-glove inspections conducted at our warehouse, we can build a quality control plan that meets your needs.


Pre-shipment Inspection

Before your products leave your factory, our inspectors can conduct a pre-shipment inspection, giving you a detailed understanding of your products' quality before you pay your factory their final balance.


Container Loading Inspection

Remain confident your supplier is loading your container correctly and according to your shipping plan by having us send one of our inspectors to your factory for a container loading inspection.


Carton Inspection

Once your products arrive at our warehouse, we can perform a general visual inspection, ensuring that labeling is correct and Amazon compliant.


100% Inspection

Full checks can take place either at our warehouse or at the factory before shipment. These inspections can be essential to ensure your products meet your exact requirements.

Product Prep & Labeling

We offer a wide variety of preparation and labeling services to set your products up for success before leaving China to Amazon FBA. Often a costly option, once they arrive in their destination country, product preparation, and labeling is done in China, saving you time and money while giving your product a well needed competitive edge.


Carton Labeling

If your cartons need FBA Box ID labels, we can assist you with printing and applying them to all boxes.


Product Labeling

From FNSKU labels to warning labels, once your products arrive at our warehouse, we can label each product individually and repackage them in their cartons. 


Product Packaging

If your products need insert cards, user manuals, poly bags, or need to be fully repackaged, we can assist by printing any labeling or packaging and adding it to your shipment.

What Makes Us Different?


Unlike many China-based service providers, we do not sell on Amazon, and nobody within our company is allowed to sell on Amazon or any e-commerce platform. Our customers trust us to organize and ship their products directly from China to Amazon FBA warehouses. We recognize the potential conflict of interest if we sell on e-commerce platforms, so we avoid doing so in its entirety.

The growth of our business took place during the Amazon boom in the early 2010s. We have been shipping to Amazon FBA for close to a decade. We know Amazon’s policies and regulations and stay up to date on all the minor changes Amazon makes because our customers rely on us to ensure a seamless logistics process from China to Amazon FBA.

Over our years in businesses, we have witnessed Amazon-focused companies come and go. We understand the risks and focus on maintaining low overhead and utilizing software to streamline and safeguard our operations. By doing this, we are confident we will continue to be around for the long term. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Freight from China to Amazon FBA takes longer and is more expensive. During February and April of 2020, it was difficult to export products from China, without a chartered plane. Today, ocean ports are operating at close to full capacity and while air shipping is still more expensive than a year ago, the costs have gone down from earlier this year. 

We strongly advise all Amazon sellers to plan their inventory accordingly, and ship via ocean whenever possible.

We are happy to assist you with shipping directly from your factory to Amazon, but we try to point out the risks to customers. When shipping directly to Amazon from a factory, it means your factory will know your Amazon barcodes and see your listings. There is not a lot stopping them from becoming entrepreneurial and selling directly to Amazon also. 

Because of this, we always recommend that we affix all Amazon labeling on your behalf. We offer services to kit products together, repackage, and relabel, before your goods leave China.  

Guided Imports does not sell on any e-commerce platform, and all employees and directors are forbidden from selling on any e-commerce platform. We are not our customer’s competition, and we do everything within our power to ensure our customer’s intellectual property is not revealed.  

We can palletize shipments in China and at destination warehouses before they are shipped to Amazon fulfillment centers.

We can assist customers in importing products into the United States by helping them apply for a bond.

We can assist by appointing an IOR for customers who do not reside in the United States.

Absolutely! We can hold inventory both in China and in our appointed destination warehouses.

We ship to every country Amazon has a dedicated marketplace in. The current countries Amazon serves with dedicated marketplaces are; the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, Japan, China, India, and Mexico.

We offer an end-to-end solution for our customers. If your cargo arrives earlier than anticipated, we can store your shipment in our warehouses, so they are ready to be delivered at your scheduled delivery time.

When mistakes happen, you should inform us as soon as possible, so we can plan to rectify the errors. Fortunately, we work with warehouses both in China and at the origin locations, which means we can repack, relabel, and resolve most packing related issues presented to us.

Our quotations do not include any customs, duties, or import taxes. These fees will be invoiced separately, once the shipments process through customs.

When shipping products into Amazon, the cartons must be appropriately labeled. If products are not labeled correctly, Amazon will either refuse your shipment or run the risk of Amazon misplacing your shipment altogether. 

Each carton must have a dedicated FNSKU label. 

Amazon does a great job helping sellers streamline their logistics process, and the most up to date requirements can always be found on Amazon’s Seller Central website. 

Amazon requires GMA Standard B Grade of higher pallets to be used for most products. 

The pallet size should be 40 x 48 inches, with 4-way access.

For those shipping groceries or Health & Personal Care and Beauty products, the requirements are different. 

Amazon prefers most shipments arrive on pallets. We can assist with palletizing both at the origin and destination. 

We often suggest palletizing air shipments at the destination, as the cost of shipping dramatically increases when shipping pallets. We suggest palletizing in China before shipping as these costs are often higher at the destination for those shipping by ocean freight. 

Amazon does say they accept floor loaded containers; however, anytime shippers are sending containers to Amazon; palletized cargo reduces the chances the container will be turned away. 

Accidents do happen, and while they can feel like the end of the world, there is a straight-forward process to ensure rectifying the mistakes is smooth and efficient. 


We always recommend our customers purchase additional freight insurance for their shipments, which will protect them against a large variety of disastrous events. Freight insurance will help you claim the cargo’s full value, as per the shipping invoice, which can be used to place a reorder with your supplier. 

When shipments get lost, we do everything within our power to work quickly and efficiently, understand how your cargo can be found, or when a claim can be filed. 

When packed and shipped correctly, these events are rare, but Guided Imports knows what to do and how to respond if disaster strikes. 

We absolutely can handle this. Often, Amazon will request you ship your products to multiple fulfillment centers, especially when you are sending a variety of sized boxes, or large shipments. 

When this happens, we usually suggest consolidating all cargo in China so the products can be shipped in a single shipment. Once they arrive at their destination port, we will deconsolidate your cartons at our warehouse, and send each load to the necessary fulfillment center. 

As far as we know, the only way to do this without risking your Amazon account is to turn on Inventory Placement in your Seller Central Account. 

The problem with this method is that the cost of Amazon managing your inventory placement is almost always more expensive than if we were to do it for you. 

Amazon charges, for non-oversized items, $0.40 per item plus $0.10 per pound over 2 pounds. For oversized items, the cost is $1.30 per item plus $0.20 per pound over 5 pounds.

We have seen customers ignore Amazon’s requests to ship their products to multiple fulfillment centers, and request we send their products to a single FBA warehouse. While we obliged these requests, we inform each customer of the potential risks posed to their account, as it goes against Amazon’s terms of service. 

Instead of searching for ways to ship your products to a single location, please contact us and let us handle the logistics process for you. We have no problem breaking shipments up once they arrive at the destination warehouse and fulfilling Amazon’s requests for shipping your cargo to multiple fulfillment centers.  

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