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How will we ensure your product quality meets the FBA and Amazon customer expectations? 





Inspecting your products before they arrive in an Amazon warehouse is the only way you can maintain confidence that your products will be accepted both by Amazon and your customers. An FBA inspection by our China Quality Inspection and Control team checks all the essential areas of your product and packaging and ensures compliance where it is needed

Guided Imports FBA Inspection Services in China


Production Quantity Check:

Our inspectors will perform a quantity check to ensure your supplier delivers the exact quantity you both agreed on.


Product Specification Conformity:

We will inspect the products your supplier produced to ensure they match the precise specifications you agreed on before the production. In the event specifications are incorrect, your supplier will have the opportunity to correct their mistakes before your products are shipped to Amazon.


Field Use Tests:

Non-working and poor-quality products can severely damage an Amazon listing and brand. Our field tests allow you to gain confidence that your products will work as advertised, once they are in your customers' hands.


Carton Dimensions Check:

Carton dimensions play a vital role in the storage and shipping costs associated with your Amazon products. Our inspectors will confirm the weights and sizes of your product packaging and export cartons.


Product Labeling and FBA Compliance Check:

Our inspectors will review your product packaging and labeling to ensure they meet Amazon FBA's compliance requirements. Non-compliant products are a significant risk, leading to fines, seizures or rejections from Amazon, and customs. This check can save you from any of these risks.

Your Last Line of Defense Against Poor Quality

It is common for Amazon sellers to look for the easiest way to get their products manufactured and shipped to begin selling. Blindly accepting a production from a supplier without performing the necessary level of due diligence is a recipe for disaster. The risk associated with not performing an adequate pre-shipment inspection could lead to negative customer reviews, product returns, Amazon delisting, or worse, injury and liability.

Performing a quality control inspection before your products are shipped to Amazon allows buyers to gain more confidence that their order follows the agreed specifications and will not result in harmful or dangerous outcomes once products leave the supplier.

A Simple Addition That Protects Your Supply Chain

At Guided Imports, our inspection services’ goal is to be as seamless and easy for our customers to use as possible. We strive to offer a service where we become your go-to resource for everything quality and assurance related. By adding FBA inspections in China into your production process, you are not only ensuring a better quality production outcome, but you are saving your business from countless financial risk and negative customer feedback.

Our inspection process is simple, and once we understand your product, our quality department can arrange everything with your supplier on your behalf. With us organizing your inspection, this allows you to focus on growing your business. In contrast, we focus on providing you with a seamless solution towards ensuring quality products leave your supplier’s doors.

Everything You Need in One Place

Our quality department is here to help you succeed. Not all quality requirements are the same, and our team is more than happy to consult with you and help define your path towards constant quality improvements. Our experienced team of professionally trained inspectors and quality experts can help customize your quality plan and get your products made the way your customers disserve.

Same Day Inspection Reports

You never have to wait to see the first draft of your inspection report. We guarantee to deliver you an inspection report on the same day of the inspection. We know timing is everything, which is why we see the importance of giving you the inspection details as soon as possible. Once your examination comes to an end, our inspectors will diligently work on finalizing their report. After they complete their assessment, our quality management team will review your inspection and deliver it.

We will then stay available to help answer questions and guide you towards making an informed decision on your next steps.

Urgent Requests Are More Than Welcome

The need for an inspection can arise when you least expect it. We keep inspectors on call and ready to be dispatched to any factory within China. We guarantee that we can have an inspector prepared to visit your supplier with only 48-hours of notice. If your need for an inspection is more urgent than that, we promise to do our best to meet your needs.

Over 500 businesses of all sizes trust us.

Why Use Guided Imports for Your FBA Inspection Company in China?


Guided Imports was founded at the start of the Amazon FBA boom. We owe a lot of our early growth to the businesses that relied on us to help them get their products manufactured in China and sold on Amazon. Because of this, we have been working with companies whose sole market is Amazon for a decade. We’ve witnessed how Amazon has changed, and we continue to keep up with the policies and customer expectations. Our FBA inspections are specifically designed to ensure our customers can maintain confidence that their production quality will lead towards a seamless transition into Amazon’s warehouses.

Unlike our competition, we made a vow and stuck to it that we would never sell on Amazon or compete with our customers. Opportunism in China and within e-commerce is incredibly high, and it becomes easy for a business in a position such as ours to want to sell on Amazon. We believe these practices are unethical and against who we are. At Guided Imports, we make it our goal to assist businesses in their success, which is not a goal we could fulfill if we competed against them. We promise that Guided Imports or any of its employees or employees’ families will sell on any e-commerce platform or profit from the information we obtain by assisting our customers.

The Guided Imports quality department is a team of individuals who have a deep understanding of product quality and safety. We collectively hold decades of experience in the civilian and military sectors of quality and compliance and have experience working with the world’s top laboratories. We know what to look for and how to effectively communicate our findings with our customers, regardless of their technical background. Communication and understanding are essential when it comes to product quality, which is why we make a consistent effort to ensure our customers understand our quality inspection reports thoroughly so that they can make informed decisions with their suppliers.

Why Wait?

Get started with an FBA Inspection so you can place confidence back into your products.

Frequently Asked Questions

An FBA Inspection is a quality control inspection that focuses on ensuring manufactured products are in accordance with Amazon FBA’s fulfillment requirements. Inspectors perform a standard inspection and check to ensure that the product and product packaging follows Amazon FBA’s terms.

An FBA inspection and a PSI are similar; however, the difference between the two is that an FBA inspection focuses on ensuring that the products and product packaging are compliant with the Amazon FBA fulfillment standards.

A PSI could be used for any production, whereas only an Amazon seller would opt for an FBA inspection.

An FBA inspection can be performed during the production, so the two inspections can be similar. The main difference between the two is that an FBA inspection includes a specific checklist to ensure that the products are compliant with Amazon FBA’s fulfillment rules and regulations.

When a product is shipped to Amazon to be sold and fulfilled by Amazon, Amazon does not perform quality control on the products in their warehouse. It is the individual seller’s responsibility to ensure that their products are safe, compliant, and good quality.

When selling on Amazon, part of the terms a seller must agree to is that their products must match their product listing’s detailed description. This means, in the event, low-quality products are shipped to Amazon, and they do not match the listing description, the seller violates Amazon’s terms.

The four types of quality control are the following: 

  1. Pre-Production Inspection (PPI) – check the raw materials
  2. In-Process (DUPRO) Inspection – check the production process
  3. Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) – final check before shipment
  4. Container Loading Check (CLC) – check the loading

Quality assurance maintains consistency within the quality. Quality control identifies and segregates good quality from bad quality.

Quality control is a reactive strategy, whereas quality assurance is proactive. It is suggested that the buyer integrate both approaches to ensure consistent quality.

Guided Imports Specializes In:

China Pre-Production Inspection

Inspections before your production begins.

China In-Processs (DUPRO) Inspection

Inspections after 20-80% of the production are complete.

China Pre-Shipment Inspection

Quality control before your products leaves your supplier.

China Final Inspection

The last inspection before your production is packed and sealed.

China Container Loading Check

Supervising the loading process of your completed production.

China First Article Inspection

Inspecting the first pieces to come off the production line.

China AQL Inspection

Utilizing the Accepted Quality Limit tables during a quality inspection.

China 100% Inspection

A 100% quality control inspection of your production.

China CE Compliance

Ensuring your products comply with European regulations.

China Social Compliance Audit

Auditing your supplier's social and ethical performance standards.