Read what our loyal customers are saying about Guided Imports. 

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Read what our loyal customers are saying about Guided Imports. 


Quality Control


A Much Need Partner in China

Guided Imports helped turn our product idea into a reality. The process took some time, and like a lot of things that start from scratch, there were bumps along the way. But I can wholeheartedly say, we could not have gotten to where we are without Guided Imports.

Jim, US


Shark Tank Contestant

We have Guided Imports produce and ship a couple of products we have produced in China. The process always goes smoothly and uneventful, just as we hope. I personally enjoy the confidence and planning that goes into productions. We haven’t faced any serious issues, and trust Guided Imports is focused on delivering what they promise.

Isabella, IT


Global Coffee Brand

Very Detailed Inspection Reports

We do not enjoy working directly with Chinese suppliers, however, sometimes our customers require it. Anytime we are working in China, we are happy to call on Guided Imports to assist. They do a great job communicating with suppliers and handling our shipments.

Laura, FR


Promotional Product Buyer

Longtime Customer

I’ve been working with Guided Imports for years. I’ve experienced their growing pains, and I believe they experienced mine. The industry they are in is not an easy one, and with them being your team in China, it is easy to blame them when things go awry. I attest that I have put the blame on them for problems as well. After purchasing from China for over 10 years now, I greatly respect what they do and their commitment to the solving problems that are out of their control. GI has helped me in the past with everything in China, and right now I rely on them for all my QC and shipments. I believe I can attribute a lot of my growth to their assistance, without them I would still be frustrated solving problems on my own.

Brett, US

Business Owner

e-Commerce Seller

I Would Still Be Frusterated Solving Problems on My Own

I have started using Guided Imports Services a few weeks ago, on a complicated product, that alone I would have a lot of problem sourcing supplier and verifying them. Also, they help me with the sample ordering and written a production manual, both things probably saved me a lot of money, on mistakes and misunderstanding. All the services was as scheduled and with all the patience to a new importer. I believe I can attribute a lot of my growth to their assistance, without them I would still be frustrated solving problems on my own.

Osnat, IL

Business Owner

e-Commerce Seller


5 Stars for Guided Imports

I recommend Guided Imports for anyone that is looking to import products from China. Guided Imports will take their time and work with the criteria you need until you are fully satisfied. Our company has benefited tremendously from using Guided Imports as our sourcing company in China. Not only are they fast and reliable, but they will walk you through the process and explain each step along the way to make sure you understand everything. 5 stars for Guided Imports and their team! I believe I can attribute a lot of my growth to their assistance, without them I would still be frustrated solving problems on my own.

Tony, US

Managing Partner


Longtime Customer

I found Guided Imports to be extremely knowledgeable about factory sourcing in China and I was looking for an alternative to find someone that could be a partner instead of just a service provider. Guided Imports team is responsive and professional and I would highly recommend their service.

Davidson, US


Amazon Seller


Guided Imports Knows China and Quality

Our organization needed a team capable of spending a significant amount of time inside of our factory in China. We were facing countless quality issues, and the cost of us correcting them by flying to China monthly not realistic. Guided Imports worked with us and the factory, proposed a quality plan and the factory agreed. Guided Imports continues to monitor our productions to make sure the factory sticks to their agreement and quality does not turn for the worse.

Avi, UK


Industrial Clothing Supplier

The Inspection Company I Can Trust

Guided Imports is the inspection company I can trust. They look and find problems with the production that I did not notice or include. The reports are complete and professional. Highly recommended.

Hosam, DE

Business Owner

e-Commerce Seller

Reports Are Clear and Detailed

The 1st time we used guided imports, they identified a major defect in the production. The problem was explained clear in the report and we were able to fix the problem and send the inspectors back for a inspection before shipping. I only wish we started used guided Imports earlier.

Maurice, PL

Business Owner

Amazon Seller

Good Company for China Shipments

Guided Imports moves our cargo from China to all of our distributors. The Guided Imports team is always more than happy to speak to our partners in each territory to help assist with the shipments. We have been satisfied with their service.

Ben, MT

Distribution Manager

Global Houseware Brand

The Quality We're Looking For

I was just doing 2-3 containers a year and now my company is looking to do 10 containers this year with the help of Guided Imports. It helps a ton having a Western partner in China. Guided Imports understands the quality we are looking for.

Michael, US

Business Owner

e-Commerce Seller


The Smartest Decisions I've Ever Made

Guided Import’s is an amazing company to work with, they have a dedicated staff of wonderful hard working people with great communication. I have sourced things and brought them into the country myself, and I can tell you hands down they take the guesswork out of the entire process. I don’t feel like I spent money with them, I feel like I have invested money into my business by adding a division to my company. It’s been one the smartest decisions I’ve ever made!

Bradley, US

Business Owner

e-Commerce Seller


Professional, Knowledgeable, and Responsive

We have worked with Guided Imports since 2018 for every one of our shipments. Kai and her team are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. Their partners at every stage of the logistics chain are also efficient and reliable. It has been a pleasure being able to grow our business with Guided Imports and we hope to continue this relationship into the future.

Eric, US


Lighting Retailer

Low Priced Shipping

We’ve been using your shipping services for over nine months now and are happy. We came to you on recommendation after we found out we were paying too much with Flexport. I’ve price checked your quotes a couple of times and your consistently the lowest or close enough. Communication has been good. No complaints

Nick, US


e-Commerce Seller

Shipments are Smooth and Organized

We have fairly extensive experience with GI in shipping from China. They communicate updates quickly, and imports are smooth. GI does a good job contacting our Chinese factories and organizing shipments for us. They are a great resource for us.

Victor, CA


Seasonal Retailer

I enjoy using them

My company has been using Guided Imports for over two years to ship our products to Amazon. They’ve been doing a good job. We always face delays with our manufacturers, and Guided Imports is always helpful rearranging shipments and planning solutions to make sure we don’t go out of stock. I enjoy using them.

Randy, US


Amazon and Shopify Seller

Americans in China, Professionals at Shipping

Guided Imports ships and imports my products into the US and I am very satisfied with them. Their communication is professional, and my account person is very friendly. I only wish they were open during US hours, but I understand it is more important for them to be where my suppliers are. There was one instance where I had a question about my shipment, but I was able to get in contact with their agent in New York, so everything went smoothly without delay.

Lisa, US

Women’s Business Owner

e-Commerce Seller

Incredible Shipping Rates!

We ship a couple of containers from China each month, and I am always happy to see Guided Imports rates are the most competitive I have found. Covid has jacked up shipping and at times it has been nuts, but anytime I compare Guided’s rates with others, Guided is always the lowest. The receiving process is always painless, I have no complaints.

Stewart, US