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Written by the team at Guided Imports, this guide is here to answer all your questions as it relates to shipping from China to Malaysia. It covers everything you’d want to know about China to Malaysia shipping routes, including timing and costs. Keep reading to learn why we’ve rapidly become the preferred shipping agent for retail, high-growth e-commerce brands and FBA


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What is the best way to ship from China to Malaysia?

Importers have the option of using air express, air freight, and sea freight when shipping from China to Malaysia. Which method will work best for your goods will depend on the cargo and your timing requirements.

No matter which method you choose, you can ensure the best rate possible by working with a China Freight forwarder like Guided Imports. Because our rates are negotiated in the Chinese market, they’re more affordable than those offered by Malaysia-based forwarders.

Express Shipping from China to Malaysia

China Express shipping to Malaysia involves the movement of goods using a global courier, such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS. 

Unlike other shipping methods, express shipping is “all-included”, which means the cost you pay not only covers shipment but logistics to/from all airports, document preparation, and customs clearance. Yet, this convenience comes at a cost, which is why Express shipping is the most expensive option on this list.

How long does China Express shipping take to Malaysia?

Express shipping from China to Malaysia is the fastest of all shipping options, taking anywhere from 2-5 days.

How much does China Express Shipping to Malaysia cost?

The cost of using express shipping from China to Malaysia will vary based on the weight of goods being shipped. Refer to the table below to see the average rates as of the time of writing. 

Less than 10 kg (↓LOW↓)Less than 10 kg (↑HIGH↑)Less than 100 kg (↓LOW↓)Less than 100 kg (↑HIGH↑)Less than 200 kg (↓LOW↓)Less than 200 kg (↑HIGH↑)300-500 kg (↓LOW↓)300-500 kg (↑HIGH↑)

At Guided Imports, we recommend you only use Express Shipping for smaller parcels, such as samples from your factory, or when speed is of absolute importance. Otherwise, air freight is almost always the better option.

Air Freight from China to Malaysia

China Air Freight is the movement of goods via airline carriers. 

China air freight to Malaysia is the ideal choice for importers who need their goods relatively quickly,  who are importing sensitive materials, and/or when the load size makes express shipping cost-prohibitive. 

It’s important to remember that air freight quotes from China to Malaysia typically are not “all-included” or “door-to-door”. This means the importer is typically  responsible for: 

  • logistics to/from airports,
  • Documents to clear export from China
  • in addition to any duties that need to be paid for the goods clear customs once they arrive in Malaysia. 

Alternatively, a qualified freight forwarder like Guided Imports can assist you with these additional importing steps with door-to-door service, while also allowing you to take advantage of their high-volume air cargo rates. And at Guided Imports, we offer all importers a best-price guarantee when requesting to get a shipping quote from China.

How Long Does Air Freight Take from China to Malaysia?

China air freight to Malaysia can take anywhere from 4-7 days. Exactly how long this takes will depend on the transit time from your factory to the origin airport, the time to clear customs, and then again, transportation from the arrival airport and on to the final destination.

How much Does Air Freight Cost from China to Malaysia?

China air freight pricing to Malaysia is determined by load and based on a sliding scale, making loads in excess of 300 kilos the most economical when using this method of transport.

Refer to the table below for current rates as of the time of writing.

45kg (↓LOW↓)45kg (↑HIGH↑)100kg (↓LOW↓)100kg (↑HIGH↑)200kg (↓LOW↓)200kg (↑HIGH↑)300kg (↓LOW↓)300kg (↑HIGH↑)


Sea Freight from China to Malaysia

China Sea Freight to Malaysia is the movement of goods via freight container on shipping lanes.

Sea freight is the ideal shipping method for moving large loads that are not highly-urgent, and it offers flexibility with regards to how that load is containerized before shipping. 

Sea freight quotes from China to Malaysia can vary greatly, depending upon whether the quote includes: 

  • logistics to the port of origin and from the arrival port, 
  • Logistics from the arrival port to the final destination
  • customs clearance, 

And whether or not the goods need to be warehoused, reconsolidated and repackaged before loading on to the ship

All of these terms will be determined by the shipping incoterms which govern your sea freight agreement.

LCL from China to Malaysia

If your goods are between 1-15 cubic meters, LCL (or less than container load) shipping is ideal from China to Malaysia. With an LCL shipment, your goods are unloaded upon arrival to the port of origin and loaded into a shared container with other importers’ goods. 

FCL from China to Malaysia

FCL (or full container load) shipping from China to Malaysia is ideal when your goods exceed 15 cubic meters. During an FCL shipment, your goods are loaded into their own container, minimizing the possibility of damage to your goods.

Container sizing options between China and Malaysia include:


How Long Does Sea Freight Take from China to Malaysia?

Sea freight from China to Malaysia takes anywhere from 8-14 days, depending on the point of origin in China and the final destination in Malaysia. 

The chart below breaks down the approximate shipping dates based on the port of loading, and port of destination. 

Shipping from Shanghai (CNSHA Port)

Shipping from Ningbo

(CNNGB Port)

Shipping from Shenzhen (CNSZX Port)

Port Klang

4-6 days

8-10 days

8-11 days

Port Penang

7-5 days

7-10 days

10-12 days

Johor Port

4-6 days

10-12 days

9-16 days

Kuantun Port

15-18 days

14-16 days

13-18 days

Tanjung Pelapas

8-10 days

6-8 days

5-11 days

Bintulu Port

8-10 days

12-15 days

10-16 days

How Much Does a Container Cost from China to Malaysia?

Pricing for sea freight from China to Malaysia varies by season, with the average cost of a container from China to Malaysia during peak season running approximately RM9,000.

Shanghai (↓LOW↓)Shanghai (↑HIGH↑)Ningbo (↓LOW↓)Ningbo (↑HIGH↑)Shenzhen (↓LOW↓)Shenzhen (↑HIGH↑)
Port KlangRM7,676.00RM9,696.00RM7,676.00RM9,696.00RM7,676.00RM9,696.00
Port PenangRM8,080.00RM10,100.00RM8,080.00RM10,100.00RM8,080.00RM10,100.00
Johor PortRM8,080.00RM10,100.00RM8,080.00RM10,100.00RM8,080.00RM10,100.00
Kuantun PortRM8,888.00RM10,504.00RM8,888.00RM10,504.00RM8,888.00RM10,504.00
Tanjung PelapasRM8,080.00RM10,100.00RM8,080.00RM10,100.00RM8,080.00RM10,100.00
Bintulu PortRM8,080.00RM10,100.00RM8,080.00RM10,100.00RM8,080.00RM10,100.00

The quotes on this table are port-to-port peak season FCL shipping average rates.

How Much Does LCL Cost from China to Malaysia?

The cost of LCL shipping from China to Malaysia depends upon the incoterms, route, and season. View sample pricing for some of the more popular shipping routes from China to Malaysia below.

Shanghai (↓LOW↓)Shanghai (↑HIGH↑)Ningbo (↓LOW↓)Ningbo (↑HIGH↑)Shenzhen (↓LOW↓)Shenzhen (↑HIGH↑)
Port KlangRM161.60RM202.00RM181.80RM222.20RM121.20RM161.60
Port PenangRM161.60RM202.00RM181.80RM222.20RM121.20RM161.60
Johor PortRM161.60RM202.00RM181.80RM222.20RM121.20RM161.60

These rates are port-to-port shipping averages for a load of 200 kg/1 cbm.

How to Ship from China to Malaysia

Step 1: Contact a freight forwarder based in China

The absolute best way to ensure an on-time and stress-free shipment are to work with a freight forwarder like Guided Imports.

Step 2: Get a shipping quote from China

We will help you explore all available shipping options between China and Malaysia, so you can rest assured that you contract the best shipping options for your goods depending upon your load, speed, and timing requirements. 

Step 3: Get China freight insurance

Get peace of mind and avoid catastrophic loss by insuring all goods before they leave your supplier. 

Step 4: Arrange Customs Clearance

Last but not least, ensure your goods have all the required documentation to export from China, for import into Malaysia, and make sure you are aware of any import duties and warehousing requirements as well. Not sure? Contact us, we’re happy to help.

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