Delivering Western Management + Technology
To Manufacturing in China

Our mission is to be the #1 recommended sourcing, quality control, shipping and automated supply chain management service in China.  Catering to Fortune 500 and high-growth e-commerce brands, we handle importers’ China-side manufacturing operations, so you don’t have to.

Meet the Managing Partners

Sam Boyd

Managing Partner

Sam started importing from China in 2008. Then he moved here in 2013 to join a product development company.

After witnessing first-hand the huge risks and outdated practices associated with manufacturing in China, Sam founded Guided Imports to bring Western management and technology standards to the industry.

To date, Guided Imports has helped over 500 companies manufacture and ship products from China.

Paul Keser

Managing Partner


Paul Keser has been active in various large international IT companies where he learned how to automate and scale processes.

After his corporate experience, Paul re-targeted his ability towards SME’s and starting his own companies. One of his ventures was the automation and optimization of sourcing companies which eventually ended up with the purchase of The China Office.

After being 10 years in business, The China Office acquired Guided Imports in order to increase the scope of services and expand the geographical reach. Paul is currently an active board member where he leverages his sourcing experience with the rest of the team.


Our Management Team

Meet the incredibly talented individuals that allow Guided Imports to lead in industry innovation and supply chain management.

Nicolas Thys

Director of Sales, Europe

With over ten years of experience on the ground in China, and 15 years in procurement, Nicolas has been managing the supply chain for the worlds most notable names in product media. Fluent in French, Spanish, and Dutch, Nicolas manages the promotional gifts department for the Guided Imports team.  

Kai Arcinas

Director of Sales, North America

Kai’s background in engineering and five years experience in China manufacturing are a perfect match for her careful, yet streamlined approach when working with clients to develop and produce products. Kai’s product expertise is in consumer products and fashion for retailers and distributors, where she has assisted in bringing hundreds of products to retail shelves.

Dirk Rabau

Director of Quality Management

Dirk identifies and repairs quality issues found in factories. After extensive military experience in the Belgium Armed Forces, he later continued to obtain 12 years of experience in China quality management and assurance. Dirk has built and restructured over 25 factories, as well as resolved safety issues of countless productions. His strong understanding in safety compliance and regulations allow us to confidently deliver even the most complex products.


Katherine Zhang

Director of China Operations

Katherine’s hands on approach when working with factories is to rarely trust, and always verify every commitment a supplier makes. By maintaining a healthy level of skepticism, she ensures suppliers always know we have someone holding them accountable. With her six years of experience working with factories, Katherine knows how to keep calm under pressure while persuading factories to maintain their objective in delivering what was promised.                            


Our Support Team

While you may find them in the back of our offices, the Guided Imports support team tirelessly works to ensure our suppliers are delivering on schedule and to our expectations.