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Sea Freight Services from China


FCL Sea Freight from China

Custom-tailored shipping plans

We personalize our full-container China sea freight options to meet your requirements. Whether you have unique shipping requests or complicated delivery plans,  we leverage our extensive network of carriers to offer shipping solutions that exceed your expectations. 

Reliable and trustworthy carriers

We only work with the most competent ocean liners and carriers to transport your China FCL shipments. Our partnered carriers are names that have been in this industry for ages and have consistently satisfied our customers, shipment after shipment.  

Low-cost rates

We leverage our high China sea freight shipping volume to negotiate some of the industry’s lowest prices and pass those savings on to our customers. By focusing on technology and innovation, we can maintain some of the industry’s most competitive rates. And that’s what has made us one of the leading China Freight forwarders.

LCL Sea Freight from China

World-class communication

When sharing a container, contact with your shipper is key to a seamless shipment. We pride ourselves in our desire to please thorough communication every step of the way. 

Dynamic shipping plans

With China LCL shipments, there are always variables that are out of one’s control. To fix this, we offer progressive shipping plans to eliminate delays and safeguard solutions. 

Technology-driven oversight

We utilize artificial intelligence to assist in the shipping vetting process and systematically match cargo that significantly reduces customs inspections and delays.


Get a Seamless Experience

Included in every China sea freight quotation are all the necessary charges to ship your products so they can arrive safely at their destination. Our shipping quotations will always include both origin and destination charges and walk you through the entire process, so there are no surprises. 

We will beat any price, GUARANTEED!  

We are so confident in our shipping rates from China, that if you show us the same quoted route that is cheaper, we’ll beat it! No questions asked. 

Custom-tailored add-ons


Well Thought Out Shipping Plans

Our goal is to manage your China sea freight shipments so you can focus on what is truly important. We seek to understand our customers’ goals whenever shipping from China and discuss all options to ensure a stress-free shipping process. 

Some customers rely on us to play the role of their company’s logistics department, staying in contact with all suppliers, and arranging everything on their behalf. Other customers are only looking at competitive rates, on-time delivery, and quick communication.  

By learning about each customer’s business and understanding their goals, we can better provide solutions to work with companies of all sizes and all levels of complexity.

On-time Delivery

Nothing is worse than a delayed sea freight shipment from China. We minimize the chance of delays by having backup plans for each stage of cargo movement. We don’t believe in approaching our customers with problems; we only approach with solutions. 


This mentality allows us to maintain timelines and remove all sense of stress for our customers.


What Makes Us Different?


Our service saves you time and money when working with China. We understand that doing business in China is unlike any other country. From the various factory issues to the lack of communication, the full process is not easy. Which is why we dedicate your time to taking that stress away the moment we touch your cargo. 

Our service does all the heavy lifting and manages all the administration and regulation, so you don’t have to.

We offer a shipping product that works and works well. Our western owners and management team strive to provide a genuinely remarkable shipping experience that goes above and beyond. 

With our team based in China, we pride ourselves in being able to offer ourselves as an extension to our customer’s business by being their partners, on the ground, in China.

We know the people who touch your cargo, and they know the importance of satisfied customers. We hand-select the best providers at each port and maintain multiple options when faced with issues. Our presence gives us total control and oversight on all of our shipments, departing China.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The ocean freight industry has not been as badly affected when compared to the air freight industry, however, both methods of ocean transportation for cargo leaving China is facing small delays, and continuously fluctuating rates. 

As of today, exporting products from China is almost back to normal. However, there continues to be restrictions and delays at destination ports, which continue to cause delays. With skeleton crews, and additional screening, we are seeing an overall slowdown to some degree, however, it is manageable. 

When comparing shipping via air and ocean, Guided Imports suggests that our customers opt to ship via ocean whenever possible, due to the increased costs of air transportation.

Our primary focus is exporting products from China, and shipping to all over the world. The destinations we ship the majority of our customers products to are; North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand.

It takes between 28-40 days to ship products from China to the US by sea. While there are some options for faster shipments, and routes that can take longer than 40 days, the large majority of shipments fit within the above timeframe.

When shipping from China to the UK, it takes between 29-32 days. Shipping to the United Kingdom is rather consistent, due to its smaller size and major ports.

Shipments from China to Australia take between 13-22 days. There is a fast vessel that travels from Shenzhen to Melbourne in 13 days. Other vessels take between 16-22 days. While the fast vessel is more expensive, the timing can be compared to air freight. If timing is not urgent, waiting a couple extra days can offer cost savings.

FCL stands for a full container load. This method is used when shipping cargo that could fill up an entire container. 

LCL stands for less than container load and is used when shipping cargo via sea that would not fill up an entire container.

When shipping from China, a general rule of thumb is that the larger and slower the mode of transport, the less expensive the shipment will be. When looking at the cost per cubic meter, FCL is always going to be cheaper than LCL, but, if a load is too small for a full container, the cost of sharing a container with other customers will often cost less than shipping a full container with empty space.

When customers opt for LCL shipments, we consolidate their products with other similar customers shipping to similar destinations. We are fortunate to ship via LCL with enough customers worldwide, where we can offer a wide array of options at any given time. 

Since shared shipments can pose a risk to customers, we rely on cutting edge technology to vet each load, classify its risk, and pair it with similar freight to avoid time-consuming issues, such as customs inspections. 

Anytime a customer asks us to ship via LCL, we do our best to understand their product and any potential risk. Once we have this information, we can better match similar shipments to fill containers. 

If a supplier is unable to export their goods, Guided Imports can either act as the exporter in China or work with a partnered company with a license to export the particular product you need assistance with.

Guided Imports can either act as the importer on record and assist with obtaining import bonds in the United States for its customers’.

Shipping cargo internationally can feel like a daunting task. If this is your first-time shipping something globally, we will be more than happy to hold your hand and walk you through the full process. We strive to offer shipping solutions that are stress-free and encourage businesses of all sizes to rely on us to fulfill shipments from China. 

Everyone went through their first shipment, and if you’re in that position now, we would be honored to be involved on your journey.