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Are you in need of a China 3PL service for importers specializing in retail, e-commerce and FBA?

Trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands to deliver their goods on-time and on-budget, we offer world-class customer service matched with a best rate guarantee.

Keep reading to learn more about our third-party logistics services in China. 

Logistics Services


Container Tracking

Our cutting edge software keeps you up to date with all of your 3PL China shipments. Get shipping quotations and place bookings instantly.



We help you combine multiple products from different factories and package them together. Kitting gets done in our warehouse in China, before shipment.


Logistic Warehouse China

We can assist in warehousing your products before they need to be shipped. These options are ideal for buyers wishing to kit, repackage, or consolidate their goods before shipment.


Carton Inspection

We can inspect your packaging and ensure it is compliant with Amazon FBA policies, import compliance requirements, or end customer expectations.


Product Prep & Labeling

We will label your cartons so they can be shipped directly to Amazon or other fulfillment warehouses to be tracked and inventoried upon arrival.



Whether you need custom packaging for your products, or if your products need to be repackaged, we can help.


US Customs Broker

Ensuring your goods safely clear customs is paramount. We offer an excellent network of customs brokers standing by to manage your clearance.


Air Express

We have negotiated rates with individual couriers to provide you with a cost-effective solution to ship via air.


China Air Freight

Often less expensive than air express, we can handle the entire China Air Cargo shipping process so you can get your cargo quickly.


Ocean LCL

Our LCL service uses our cutting-edge technology that pre-qualifies shipments and analyzes the most efficient routes for a shared container to carry your cargo.


Ocean FCL

Our premium FCL services offer a stress-free and technology-driven approach towards streamlining your supply chain with experienced teams at your origin and destination.



Are you looking to combine multiple shipments in one? Use our 3PL China services to consolidate your products from different suppliers and export them as a single shipment.



If you need to ship your goods to multiple locations in the same region, we can handle the shipping and deconsolidation of cargo once it arrives at your destination.


China Export License

When Chinese factories lack the necessary export licenses for their goods to leave China, we can help by acting as your exporter.

We will beat any price, GUARANTEED!  

We are so confident in our shipping rates from China, that if you show us the same quoted route that is cheaper, we’ll beat it! No questions asked. 

Your Go-to Resource

Sit back and relax as we become your number one resource for all things China-related. Our team dedicates their time to ensure your shipments from China are stress-free and seamless.

Watch us as we go above and beyond to communicate with your suppliers, ensuring they are ready for our trucks to pick-up your cargo and ship your products anywhere in the world.

If this is your first-time shipping, and you need us to hold your hand and guide you through the process, we’re more than happy to show you how it is done. If you’re a shipping veteran and need things done a certain way, tell us your goal, and we will see to it that we make your life easier.


Everything you Need in One Place

Our warehouse in China becomes your product staging location to organize your shipments precisely as you need them. Our China 3PL (China Third Party Logistics) services allow you to mix and match and take advantage of our resources that will prepare your products with everything required before they are shipped abroad.

Quotations Simplified

We work with each of our customers to discuss all possible options when seeking to identify the ideal way to move your cargo.

Unlike large shipping companies, our goal is not to reach shipping quotas. Our goal is simple, move our customer’s products in the best possible way.

When it comes time to ship your cargo, we understand that the most crucial component of your business is the successful fulfillment of your goods. Your customers are relying on you, so you can depend on us to move your cargo.

When shipping with Guided Imports, you are leveraging our industry experience and allowing us to take full advantage of all the resources available to ensure the successful fulfillment of your goods.

Our 3PL  professionals are knowledgeable and well versed in industry trends as well as the inner workings of supply chains that originate from China. 

What Makes Us Different?

Air Cargo that is Fast & Efficient

We understand when shipping by air freight you are looking for speed and efficiency. International air freight can feel like a complicated task, with documentation, shipping regulations, and searching for the most efficient air freight method. We make this process simple by organizing everything on your behalf so that you can focus on more important things.

Our experienced team of logistics professionals have seen it all and know how to work under pressure. When we take control of your shipments, you can relax and trust that our team will ensure a smooth shipping process.


Sea Cargo that is Seamless & On-time

Sea freight can be complicated and cumbersome. Your cargo needs to be picked up and dropped off on time, all administrative documentation needs filing, and product compliance gets scrutinized. We understand this process can feel stressful, which is why we take care of it in its entirety for our customers.

We manage the entire ocean shipping process for you by sticking to our prearranged deadlines and keeping you up to date with the critical information, every step of the way.

Why Use Guided Imports

Our China 3PL services save you time and money. We understand that doing business in China is unlike any other country. From the various factory issues to the lack of communication, the full process is not easy. Which is why we have dedicated our service to take that stress away the moment we touch your cargo. Our service does all the heavy lifting and manages all the administration and regulation, so you don’t have to.

Nothing is worse than a delayed shipment. When we provide a delivery date, we are confident your goods will arrive at that time. We understand the importance your cargo has on arriving on time, and we work tirelessly to ensure that happens.

Our North American and European owners and managers know the only way to offer a genuinely remarkable shipping experience is to promise world-class support and leverage local resources to ensure competitive rates.

We maintain strong relationships with carriers of all sizes and leverage a high annual shipping volume to keep our rates consistently low, year after year.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to COVID-19, shipping, in general, has resulted in increased shipping costs and more delays. While the cost to ship via has already peaked, the rates are still higher than average, and the availability is significantly less. Ocean shipping is also affected; however, it is not as bad as air. Rates continue to fluctuate, but delays are not as severe. 

Guided Imports offers the following services: 

  1. Container Tracking
  2. Kitting
  3. Logistics Warehouses China
  4. Carton Inspection
  5. Product Prep & Labeling
  6. Repackaging
  7. US Customs Broker
  8. Air Express
  9. China Air Freight
  10. Ocean LCL
  11. Ocean FCL
  12. Consolidating 
  13. Deconsolidation 
  14. China Export Licenses

UPS, DHL, and FedEx are happy to provide quotations to ship containers worth of products from China to anywhere in the world. These companies will always be more costly, and the process will be more complicated than working directly with a company specializing in freight forwarding from China.

At Guided Imports, we don’t only focus on moving your cargo; we also help prepare it, store it, and ship it by giving you a full-service solution to transporting your freight.

UPS, DHL, and FedEx are happy to provide quotations to ship containers worth of products from China to anywhere in the world. These companies will always be more costly, and the process will be more complicated than working directly with a company specializing in freight forwarding from China.


At Guided Imports, we don’t only focus on moving your cargo, we also help to prepare it, storing it, and ship it, by giving you a full service solution to transporting your cargo.

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