Get sourcing, quality control, FBA prep & freight forwarding that is
reliable, cost effective, and tailored to fit your needs.

China Importing Services

Freight Forwarding: Hundreds of businesses rely on us to ship their products all over the world every month.

Leverage our high-volume rates and ensure your products reach your destination in compliance. We work with the top freighters in the industry and our cutting edge technology reduces errors and delays. Focus on growing your business, we’ll manage the rest.

Quality Inspections: that save you from catastrophic losses.

Get a detailed third-party Quality Control inspection anywhere in China at a moment’s notice. We’ve conducted thousands of factory inspections to help clients identify production issues and protect their investment. 

Sourcing and Manufacturing: giving you a presence on the ground in China.

Guided Imports is the preferred sourcing and manufacturing partner
for Fortune 500 and high-growth e-commerce brands doing business in
China. We provide our clients a tailored approach that maximizes
success and minimizes stress. Get boots on the ground in China, led by
a Western management team.

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