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We help businesses shipping products from Chinese factories to anywhere in the world. If you are looking for speed, accuracy and a best rate guarantee, we invite you to explore our China freight forwarder services.

As a European and North American owned and managed, our goal is to become your dedicated resource in China that simplifies your supply chain. 

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China Freight Forwarding Services


China Air Freight

When products need to be moved quickly, air freight offers express and cargo solutions to transport goods and have them arrive within days.


China Sea Freight

We offer both FCL and LCL options to worldwide destinations from China. Sea freight is a cost conscious solution for moving freight.


Door to Door Service

When a hands off solution is all you need, our door to door service means you worry about nothing. We handle all aspects of the movement of your goods for you.


Logistic Warehouse China

Store your products in our China-based warehouses and ship your cargo whenever you need it.


China to Amazon FBA

When shipping directly to Amazon warehouse, time means everything. We manage hundreds of shipments into Amazon's warehouses monthly, and understand what Amazon requires to get your products delivered correctly.


China Freight Forwarder

We become your trusted partner for all logistics needs when shipping from China. By using us, our full-service freight forwarding means your products will be shipped safely and on time to their destination.


China Freight Insurance

When accidents happen, China freight insurance is inexpensive protection that can save you from catastrophic loss.


3PL China

We can handle all aspects of your supply chain needs in China through our 3rd party logistics services. Sit back and relax as we become your dedicated 3PL resource.


US Customs Broker

In order to safely clear any countries customs and boarder patrol, planning should start before the cargo leaves the factory. We understand product compliance and know how to get your products safely into your destination country.


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China Freighting FAQ’s

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted freight forwarding from China in varying amounts. While shipments sent via sea are currently operating regularly out of China, air shipments have slowed down and increased in price.

Businesses who were frequently shipping via air are recommended to look towards ocean shipment options as an alternative. As of August 2020, commercial travel into China is heavily restricted, and there are significantly fewer flights entering the country. Because of this, fewer planes are leaving China, which has increased the cost of air shipments.

Delays due to air shipments are more frequent due to congestion at terminals and increased screenings of both products and flight crew.

For customers looking to ship from China, we strongly encourage you to consider ocean shipping options instead of air or be prepared for higher than the 2019 average rates.

Guided Imports is a Western owned and managed China Freight Forwarder and logistics company. We have dedicated our focus towards assisting businesses needing to ship their products from China.

Unlike other logistics companies, we don’t consider ourselves a jack of all trades, capable of moving cargo from anywhere in the world. Instead, we have dedicated our resources toward perfecting the way products ship from China, and we offer a best rate guarantee.

Our China Freight Forwarder customers all have one thing in common; they are looking for a seamless, affordable solution to export their products from their factories and import their goods into their country. Our solutions alllow you to take advantage of our low overhead, technology-driven approach, and competitive pricing.

Having shipped products from China for hundreds of customers, we strive to be the best solution for businesses looking for partners on the ground in China.

Guided Imports offers the following freight forwarding and logistics services from China:

  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Door to Door Service
  • Logistics Warehouse China
  • China to Amazon FBA
  • China Freight Insurance
  • 3PL China
  • US Customs Broker

When we act as the shipper, we are able to assist with customs clearance. The only time we would not assist with customs clearance is in the event the client would like their broker to arrange clearance.

Goods being imported into the United States requiring a formal entry, require the buyer to obtain an entry bond. Guided Imports can assist in the procurement of this bond.

Guided Imports can assist with the determination of necessary compliance requirements, however we are unable to guarantee our suggestions are 100% accurate. We encourage all importers to research these details as well prior to sourcing and manufacturing their products.

Yes, however our quotations have an expiration date, so please be sure to take the date stated on the quotation into account as rates can change based on season. It is also important for us to note that all quotations are subject to change upon final measurement.

If you would like to obtain a shipping quotation, please fill out our Shipping Quotation Request form.

Non-Citizen’s importing to the following countries, please be advised:
For United States imports, we can assist our clients by arranging a license for them to use.
For United Kingdom imports, we need the clients to obtain EORI and VAT (applicable to all shipping methods except Air Express)
Other countries: Please contact us first for feasibility.

We can offer our estimated duty percentages, however we do not provide quotations with certified rulings. Because of this the final declaration will be handled by the importing country’s customs bureau.

No, the cartons are subject to final measurement before the goods are loaded onto their carrier for shipping. In the event of changes, we will notify you prior to shipment.

Here are some additional charges you can expect to see that would fall outside of our shipping quotations.

  • Duties and Taxes (plus GST for other destinations such as Canada.)
  • Additional customs exams (CET Exam, X-ray, etc.)
  • Warehouse charges (for delayed payments)
  • Re-reouting charges, relabelling charges, if needed