Do You Have These 7 Crucial Amazon Photos?

Amazon is hard to please when it comes to posting a product for sale. From a consumer perspective, Amazon photos standards make the buying experience straightforward and convenient. But from the seller side, it’s rough terrain.
Product photography is the most common headache, and understandably so. If you’re not a photography guru, or you don’t enjoy reading long technical guidelines, you’re probably desperately searching for shortcuts. Well, you’re in luck. Here is our comprehensive guide to Amazon photography:

Photo 1: The Main

Always first, the main photo is the least exciting, yet the more important and most regulated. It’s the preview image when a customer is scrolling and the first thing they see when they open your listing. This photo consists of your product, fully visible, and literally nothing else. No background, props, text, jewel cases, cellophane, promo stickers, graphics, or anything that’s not your product.
This is our guide to main Amazon photos for easy reference:

Photos 2 & 3: Personal Emphasis

Next, the detail photos get up close and personal. They can emphasize different components, show the product in the form of consumption, demonstrate texture, or display all included accessories. Or, they can simply offer additional angles. It’s all about visual specifics. See these examples:

Components: Lock on kennel                                                 Consumption: Prepared shake

Texture: Material of pants                                                              Accessories: Cords/ case included


Angle: Side/Back of shower head


Photo 4 & 5: The Infographics

Infographics are golden. These images include the most important selling points and product descriptions. Having simplified highlights in this visual format is more likely to capture attention than the long bullets and description. You still need the more extensive information, but the infographics bait the customer to read more.
An infographic can show product dimensions, features, compare and contrasts, benefits, certifications, accessories, usage instructions, etc.

Photo 6 & 7: The Lifestyles

Lifestyle photos put the product into the hands of your customers. Seeing realistic situations of the product in use psychologically makes the consumer think, “I would use that. I do what that person is doing, so I must need the product.” It’s not exactly hypnotism, but it is effective.

-Ashley Gordon, Director of Photography at Nozani

All Photos

Finally, there are some standards that apply to all Amazon photos*. For example, the color mode, file name, and pixel minimum in the Main Photo graphic above are required for all photos. Other standards of note include:

This formula for Amazon photos is tried and true. For more examples, check out this Amazon product photography gallery. Amazon, your customers, and your wallet will thank you if you follow these standards and style guide.

*If your product is in the Books, Mu
sic, and Video/DVD category, see Amazon page for specific instruction.

For more information, visit Amazon’s seller site.

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