China Importing Resources [8 Pro Links]


Are you a DIY China importer looking for China importing resources?

Here’s our essential list.

8 China importing resources aiming to help you:

  • Master the importing process
  • Develop awareness surrounding legal issues
  • Improve your understanding of the Chinese

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Today we’re sharing some of the best China importing resources online.

Sites Pros are using every day to guide their importing.

For each resource in the list, we’ll be telling you:

  1. who is providing the resources
  2. why you should be checking them out
  3. and what specific content you can start applying to your business today

Keep reading to get started.

#1 - ChinaImportal Blog


Who: Fredrik Grönkvist is the man behind They help importers find reliable suppliers in China.


(Yup, they’re a competitor of ours. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be checking out their awesome content.)


Why: The China Importal blog is fast becoming one of our favorite China importing resources. The information spans just about every topic.


It’s a worthwhile investment to spend some time reading their articles.


What: We love reading posts like their interviews with Freight Forwarders and Quality Controllers. They present unique perspectives of service professionals in the industry.  

#2 - QualityInspection Blog


Who: Renaud Anjoran is the man behind It’s a blog offering practical advice on importing from China.


Why: This blog usually emphasizes issues of compliance and quality control. We think the content is so factual Renaud should consider turning it into a textbook.


What: Specifically, we think you should be checking posts like Training Inspectors in China and Quality Control Basics. They succeed in providing a quick look into the intricacies of quality control. Both what’s important and what’s not.

#3 - China Law Blog


Who: China Law Blog is the fast becoming the web’s best resource on Chinese law. At least as it relates to operating a business in China.


Why: The site is not entirely geared towards importing. But it extensively covers how you can protect your business when working with the Chinese. 


It’s also a great place to gain a better understanding of how business in China operates.


What: Specifically, you should be checking out their articles that pertain to importers. They detail some of the legal problems you can run into.

#4 - Examine China Blog


Who: Examine China is a service helping importers avoid sourcing fraud. Their blog is incredibly transparent. Especially about strategies they use to find reputable factories for their clients.


Why: Souring on your own? You can learn a lot from spending some time on their blog.


It’s a great resource to quickly get up to speed on the inherent risks of DIY sourcing. And has great tips that can help you avoid potential scams and frauds.


What: Check out their Annotated Business License and detailed explanation of ISO Certificates. You’ll be gain a great firsthand look into supplier verification.

#5 - This is China: the First 5,000 years (Book)


Who: This comprehensive book on Chinese history was written by Haiwang Yuan. It is currently being read in school curriculums in the United States.


Why: China’s history and culturally have greatly effected how they do business.


This book will help you get up to speed on China. Especially about how the past has shaped their way of doing business with the West.


What: The whole book is worth reading.  The fourth chapter which deals with China Today is a must-read. Especially for any serious importer who is interacting directly with the Chinese.

#6 - Understanding the Rise of China (TED Talk Video)

Who: Martin Jacques is an economist who gave this TED talk on the Rise of China. It helps those of us in the West make sense of the country’s phenomenal growth.


Why: China will soon pass the US as the world’s major economic superpower.


Check out this video to understand why we have such different views on history and how that shapes business.


What: This whole video is worth your time. But if you’re rushed, skip to minute 14.

#7 -

Who: Taobao is China’s own online marketplace. The closest thing to it in the West is Amazon.


Why: It’s a great site for importers to get product ideas for their own business.


What: Items on Taobao are only marked up a few percentage points from the factory direct prices. Use it as a tool to verify or negotiate pricing from suppliers.

#8 /r/chinabuyers (Reddit Group)


Who: ChinaBuyers is a small but growing community of importers on Reddit. They go there to share knowledge and resources.


Why: This community is well moderated and provides a safe place for importers to learn and network.


Have a question you need answered? Or just want to share a useful article with a group of professional importers? Then make this Reddit group your go to site.

(Disclaimer: we help moderate this group. But never advertise there.)


What: This group is a treasure trove of first hand importing stories. Check out this thread on the fears DIY importers face. It has great tips for protecting your investment.

Bookmark and Learn

Wanna go pro? It’s imperative you understand:

  1. The entire importing process. From sourcing, negotiations, quality control through to logistics
  2. The unique laws of China and your home country that pertain to importing.
  3. The history and culture of China. And how that shapes doing business with the Chinese.

Expand your importing knowledge. Bookmarking these resources could ensure your success. 

Have a Favorite China Importing Resource?

 We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of some of the top China importing resources.

Have a favorite resource you’d like to share with our community, let us know! 

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