Pro Tip: Learn How to Validate Your Private Label Product and Save $500+ Along the Way!

Finding a product to sell online is one of the most difficult tasks for ecommerce sellers. Regardless if you’re a new seller, using Amazon FBA as a secondary income stream, or an established business that has 100 private label products listed on every available ecommerce platform, product discovery is laborious, yet critical undertaking.
It’s no coincidence that tools like Jungle Scout, Unicorn Smasher, ASINinsepctor and others are popping up every day. There is money to be made if you can design software that provides sellers some information to help them find profitable products.
Once you have put in the time and found that hidden gem that meets all of your requirements, you now have to validate the product to make sure it’s even viable to manufacture, import, and sell. After all the production and shipping costs are added up, and Amazon (or similar platform) takes their cut, you have to be left with enough profit to pay for your time and effort. And for most sellers, this product validation and cost analysis process, if done correctly, takes more time than they can imagine.
Does this sound familiar?
I think all sellers who have manufactured a private label product in Asia can relate to the above scenario. As you well know, this is an extraordinarily time-consuming process.
But the good news after you’ve done all of this?
You now might have an idea of the total landed cost of your product so you can decide whether or not it will even be profitable enough to sell.
The bad news? That process took around 10 hours of actual time and probably spanned weeks……and that was for ONE supplier and ONE product! Now you have to do the same thing at least 4 or 5 more times with other suppliers to ensure you’re doing your due diligence and getting multiple quotes and proposals.
In reality, you should be contacting 20+ suppliers. As horrible as that sounds, it’s a reality that you should be contacting as many suppliers as you can find. And there are tens of thousands of suppliers in China, so the more you can contact, the better chance you have of finding the ideal factory that offer both quality and value.
Now guess what happens next?
You have to repeat the SAME inane, time consuming tasks for freight forwarders. Granted, some of the steps listed above only apply to contacting suppliers, but if you’ve ever contacted freight forwarders, you will understand that the process can be almost as time consuming and even more frustrating.
By now, it should be crystal clear that this process is a HUGE time sink. You should be spending this time on building your business, increasing sales, optimizing marketing and expanding your brand. The time you spend validating your product, while extremely important, can be better spent on tasks that increase your bottom line.
Once you have the report, you can answer the most important questions about your potential product:
This is something we’ve been asked to provide for years and are now excited to roll it out as a stand-alone service! We are absolutely positive that you will be so impressed with this service that you will make this part of your standard operating procedure when evaluating new products to sell.

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