Amazon Expands Asia Presence: Eyeing Singapore Next

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Amazon is growing. Big surprise. Selling on Amazon has seemingly become the unofficial pastime of the United States. Even the UK is getting in on the fulfillment by Amazon rocket ride. But Singapore? After introducing their “Prime” service in China in October, an information leak from a credible source states that Amazon will be expanding their Asian footprint by entering into Singapore in Q1 2017.

This move, along with a few other relatively covert acquisitions recently, all suggest that Amazon has big plans for bringing local service to Southeast Asia. For the past few months they have been quietly buying strategic assets in the area to bolster their upcoming launch and build their operational and supply chain. For example, they have been acquiring refrigerated trucks as well as real estate with very little fanfare or press.
All of this would suggest they are going to offer their AmazonFresh grocery service in the region as evident by their failed attempt to acquire Redmart, a startup grocery company in Singapore that is backed by Facebook co-founder, Eduardo Saverin. After their bid was rejected, Amazon decided to start building their own operations instead of submitting a higher bid.
Rumor has it that Amazon is eyeing the “crown jewel” of Southeast Asia; Indonesia. The expansion into Singapore would offer them a foothold in the region and make their goal of entering into Indonesia a bit more attainable. Aside from being smaller and presumably easier to service, Singapore has a consumer base that spends similar to Amazon’s lucrative Western markets, thus making them a good choice for an initial foothold in the region.

Selling on Amazon is Still #1

While Amazon is one of the World’s most profitable corporations, much of that revenue coming from 3rd party sellers using their FBA program, they are working toward global domination and diversifying their revenue streams. This can only mean one thing: Amazon will eventually buy their own country and, following in the footsteps of the Roman Empire, try to conquer the world!

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