China Logistic Warehouses

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Guided Imports helps some of the world’s largest brands safely store, prepare and ship their products from our China Logistic Warehouses.

Dedicated to adding value to your supply chain, we offer world-class customer service with a best rate guarantee.

Keep reading to learn more about how we can help you receive, hold, prepare, and ship cargo to anywhere in the world.

Our China Logistic Warehousing Services


Warehousing & Inventory Management of Goods

Know where your cargo is and how much you have instantly. Place shipping requests to move your freight at a moment's notice.


Inventory and Delivery Status Reports

Track your inventory in real-time and stay up to date on the shipping status when cargo is entering or leaving the warehouse.


Pick Up and Delivery

Schedule cargo pickup and deliveries day and night. Your customers may never sleep, so why should your cargo? We move your products when you need them.



Combine your products and shipments from multiple factories to leverage your shipping power.


Picking and Packing

We collect what you need when you need it.



Add pallets to your cargo before leaving China to ensure seamless delivery and secure handling once your goods arrive at the destination.


Labeling Services

Our product preparation and labeling services mean you can be confident your products are compliant with your fulfillment center and strict carrier regulations.


Medium and Long-term Storage Options

Safely store your cargo for days, weeks, months, or years. We will keep it ready, so it can be shipped the moment you need it.

Dangerous Cargo Handling

Our warehouse facilities have purpose-built sections for storing and moving hazardous cargo. We follow strict international regulation by safely storing your shipment, so it poses no risk to others.


Valuable Cargo Handling

Our logistic warehouses in China include cutting edge security with 24/7 patrol. When moving and storing your high-value cargo, we take great precautions to promise a necessary security and safety level.


Benefits of Logistic Warehouses in China

Cost-Effective: Storing inventory should always be done where it strategically makes sense, and where real estate is inexpensive. 

Products Can Be Inspected Before They Leave China: Anytime a product issue is identified after the goods leave China, it becomes more challenging to get your supplier to rework the problems. By holding your inventory in China, you can have your products inspected and tested before leaving the country. 

Free Up Domestic Space: For businesses lacking space to hold inventory, they can utilize our warehouses.

Faster Order Replenishment: Instead of waiting for your manufacturer to remake your products, shipping inventory from a Chinese warehouse to your domestic warehouse can save you from running out of stock. 

Less Expensive than Amazon Warehouses: Amazon charges a premium for products to be stored in their warehouses for fulfillment. Minimize your Amazon costs by storing inventory in our logistic warehouses in China and shipping them only when needed.

We will beat any price, GUARANTEED!  

We are so confident in our shipping rates from China, that if you show us the same quoted route that is cheaper, we’ll beat it! No questions asked. 

Strategically Located Throughout China

Our China logistic warehouses are located in Ningbo, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. Each warehouse is roughly 150,000 square feet, with a minimum of 30 loading bays capable of handling even the most unique warehousing requirements.


Everything you Need in One Place

Our logistic warehouses in China are your product staging location to organize your shipments precisely as you need them. Our 3PL services allow you to mix and match and take advantage of our resources to prepare your products for everything required before they are shipped abroad.

Warehousing & Shipping Solutions that Work Seamlessly

We work with each of our customers and discuss all possible options when seeking to identify the ideal way to receive and move your cargo.

When warehousing your cargo, we understand that the most crucial component of your business is the storage and fulfillment of your goods. 

When shipping with Guided Imports, you are leveraging our industry experience and allowing us to take full advantage of all the resources available to ensure the successful fulfillment of your cargo.

Our logistics professionals are knowledgeable and well versed in industry trends and can offer a variety of solutions that work for you and your inventory.

Take Control of Your Supply Chain

The most significant unknown variable in retail is your manufacturer. Raw material pricing can fluctuate, production times can get extended anytime the factory is busy, and quality control issues can ruin a seamless supply chain. 

Eliminate the unknown variables manufacturers pose to their supply chain by removing them from the equation. Your replenishment program can take days instead of months by ordering excess inventory and storing it in China. 

When you hold your inventory with Guided Imports, we can ship your cargo at a moment’s notice, ensuring your products never run out of stock.

Quality Controlled Before Leaving China

Conduct quality control inspections in a location where your supplier is not rushing you ship your products. Businesses often do whatever they can to fit quality control inspections into a single day, due to space restrictions at their supplier. The difficulty with this process is products often need more than a day or for quality control. 

We can provide you with a product staging facility and a controlled environment for your cargo inspections. Verifying your products will not leave China until they are adequately tested and inspected. 

Chinese based inspections have the advantage due to the ability to quickly send defective products back to the supplier because they have not yet left the country.


Safely Enter New Markets

An unknown variable when introducing products to new markets is defining the amount of inventory needed. Too much stock and you risk losing products or increased costs. Not enough inventory could damage your brand and leave money on the table. 

Holding your inventory in China makes it much easier to trickle replenishment shipments into your new markets safely and efficiently. 

Rapid Fulfillment Processes

Nothing is worse than waiting days, if not weeks, for a warehouse to ship your cargo. We believe, when our customers place a shipment request, they need their products quickly. 

Strategically located around shipping ports, airports, and train yards, we can get your products out of our warehouse and in transit to their destination in a moment’s notice.


What Makes Us Different?


From factory issues to poor communication, doing business in China is unlike any other country; we get that it is often not easy. Our service strives to alleviate those issues by offering a logistics service dedicated to taking your stress away, the moment we touch your cargo.

We do all the heavy lifting by managing all the communication, administration, and regulation, so you don’t have to.

Our North American and European owners and managers believe in offering an incredible service at an affordable price. We accomplish this by relying on local resources to keep logistics costs low and focus heavily on training to maintain our service standards.

We have excellent relationships with carriers of all sizes and leverage a high annual shipping volume to keep our rates consistently low, year after year.

Delays in shipping can be catastrophic for your supply chain. We understand the importance of maintaining a schedule, which is why we do everything in our power to ensure the movement of your products leave and arrive on time.

Why Wait?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer warehousing solutions from as little as one day. Just let us know your requirements, and we will do our best to share with you how we can help.

Absolutely! If you are looking for long term storage solutions for your cargo in China, please contact us, and we will tell you how we can help.

We guarantee all of our warehousing services. Our China logistic warehouses have cutting edge security in place and handle all cargo with great care.

If your cargo is damaged in one of our affiliated warehouses, it is our responsibility, not yours. 

We always recommend our customers insure all their shipments as an added layer of protection.

Absolutely! We offer a variety of product preparation and labeling services and have a lot of experience shipping products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

We offer services to both reinforce your shipping cartons, and to repackage your products. 

Just let us know what your products need, and we will help you get it done!

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